3D on a Budget - AMD W6400

Apr 02, 2022 at 09:30 am by Warlord720

About a month or so ago I got the opportunity to test one of the AMD 6000 series Radeon cards. To be honest, the one I tested (W6400) is the type of card that most of us would.... Read More

How Hard can it be to give away $500,000 in Technology?

Apr 01, 2022 at 07:00 am by Warlord720

One day about twenty years ago I got a call from the local school district Superintendent’s office wanting me to stop by when I could. It has been a few decades since I.... Read More

Easy Glass in iClone 7

Mar 23, 2022 at 02:44 pm by Warlord720

Glass, particularly bottles and tableware can be a bit perplexing for beginners. The first inclination is to just lower the opacity but this in itself only allows us to look t.... Read More

Easy iClone to Omniverse Projects

Mar 17, 2022 at 05:15 am by Warlord720

With more iClone users getting access to RTX video cards there are more questions about how to get a quick start in the Omniverse/iClone pipeline. As I stated in previous arti.... Read More

Kitbashing Creatures in ZBrush

Mar 06, 2022 at 06:15 am by Warlord720

Way back in 2020… you know… the year everyone’s life changed… I wrote an article about Kitbashing in the Digital Age which covered what kitbashing i.... Read More

Easy Geometry Nodes for Blender 3

Feb 25, 2022 at 06:30 am by Warlord720

  If you are a Blender user then you are probably aware of Geometry Nodes introduced in the past year. Unless you live under a digital rock it’s difficult to miss.... Read More

Omniverse - Game Engine Graphics without the Fuss

Feb 19, 2022 at 06:00 am by Warlord720

NVIDIA’s Omniverse is a powerful, yet easy to use, toolset that compares to game engines more than favorably in terms of render options and quality. Omniverse also lacks.... Read More

The Original Nick Fury - Before SHIELD

Feb 13, 2022 at 06:45 am by Warlord720

Last year, during a busy time, my mother, near 90 and going strong, brought me a nice surprise. A red plastic, Texas Tech University bookstore bag stuffed with comics from my.... Read More

Brave Browser Follow Up - Ad Taming Browser

Feb 02, 2022 at 07:15 am by Warlord720

I reviewed the Brave browser back in September of 2021 and surmised that it might be working its way into more usage on a daily basis. That turned out to be an accurate predic.... Read More

NVIDIA Canvas - Improved AI Update

Jan 29, 2022 at 07:00 am by Warlord720

If you are a graphics artist that struggles with finding or licensing landscape images that can be used as a basis for future derivative works and composites, then Canvas migh.... Read More

Window Snapping for Large/Wide Monitors

Jan 21, 2022 at 08:15 am by Warlord720

Currently, I am using and still loving my Samsung CRG9 curved monitor. At 49 inches, super widescreen format it has a lot of impressive screen space. I might also add its phys.... Read More

Creating and Using Morphs for Beginners

Jan 18, 2022 at 04:00 am by Warlord720

Of all the concepts, terms, and techniques that beginners have to digest, one of the more confusing appears to be morphs. Even novice modelers can be caught off guard by the f.... Read More

Creating 3D Crowds with Anima 4.5

Jan 05, 2022 at 05:17 pm by Warlord720

I have been an Anima Crowd user for a few years now. Most of that time it sits on the hard drive, forgotten until the need for a crowd comes along. Being retired from full-tim.... Read More

Vegas Effects: Vegas 19 POST

Dec 30, 2021 at 03:23 pm by Warlord720

Several weeks back I wrote about Vegas 19, the video editor that is part of the POST suite of tools over at Vegas Creative Software. I was surprised to see the depth of the to.... Read More

UE5 Quick Start Cinematic Tutorial

Dec 25, 2021 at 08:15 am by Warlord720

After spending the last several weeks using Nvidia’s Omniverse tools I kept having this desire to download and try the Unreal Engine 5 Beta which by now I’m hoping.... Read More

Don't Do it All in One Scene

Dec 17, 2021 at 07:30 am by Warlord720

Some animators, perhaps even most of us early on in our animation journey, have been guilty of trying to do too much in one scene. What is a general indicator of such a scene?.... Read More

Making Video Tutorials - Staying on Point

Dec 12, 2021 at 08:00 am by Warlord720

Making a video tutorial sounds like it might be fun. It can come naturally to some people while others labor on with ponderous explanations that take more time than the actual.... Read More

Vegas 19 POST Review - The Video Editor

Dec 03, 2021 at 04:00 am by Warlord720

The Vegas editor has long been my choice for editing videos. Before retiring from full-time freelancing, I was using Vegas 15, the last version I purchased. I&n.... Read More

Is Dell Chat Compromised? Scammers Come Calling this Holiday Season

Nov 27, 2021 at 08:30 am by Warlord720

I decided to take advantage of the Holiday savings over at Dell to get my hands on a new work computer. What I didn’t expect was the scam phone call that came in minutes.... Read More

Pay Close Attention to That Windows 10 Restart Icon

Nov 25, 2021 at 05:45 am by Warlord720

A funny thing happened the other day when I glanced down at the taskbar to see the notification that the system needed to restart. The only real difference was the dot was blu.... Read More
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