Artist of the Week - Joaq

Jul 13, 2020 at 07:06 pm by -gToon

Renderosity artist Joaq is our choice for artist of the week for July 13, 2020. Joaq has a real talent for creating realist portraits. He also creates characters that aren't m.... Read More

How to use the new Loop Selection options in Cinema 4D S22

Jul 09, 2020 at 01:55 pm by -gToon

In this Quick Tip, Jonas Pilz shows you how to use the Loop Selection tool in Cinema 4D S22. You will quickly notice how useful the new options Stop at Selection, Stop at Non-.... Read More

Epic Offers Free 3D Scans of Rocks and Plants for Unreal Engine

Jul 08, 2020 at 11:46 am by -gToon

Epic has made available over 50 high-quality 3D scans of plants and rocks for Unreal Engine free as part of their Meadow-Environment set. This set is part of their monthly fre.... Read More

Artist of the Week - MrSynnerster

Jul 06, 2020 at 06:13 pm by -gToon

Very happy to post our July 6, 2020, Artist of the Week - MrSynnerster. This very talented artist creates striking hero images of African Americans. We love his superhero seri.... Read More

Dynamic Noodles in Cinema 4D Tutorial

Jul 01, 2020 at 05:26 pm by -gToon

Today we'll be creating dynamic noodles in Cinema 4D. We'll use soft body dynamics, mograph and the sweep to create the effect. You can download the free project file too.... Read More

Artist of the Week - RLove

Jun 29, 2020 at 02:14 pm by -gToon

Our Artist of the Week for June 29, 2020, is the Renderosity artist RLove. This talented artist excels at creating dramatic and believable 3D scenes. His careful and realistic.... Read More

New MoFractal Plugin for Cinema 4D / Create Procedural Fractals

Jun 27, 2020 at 05:30 am by -gToon

The MoFractal Plugin is here to bring a new way to work with procedural extrusions. Very handy and easy to use, this plugin offers a variety of controls at hand to create frac.... Read More

Painter 2021 Harnesses the Power of AI for Professional Artists

Jun 23, 2020 at 12:44 pm by -gToon

Offering unprecedented control, next-generation artificial intelligence comes together with Painter Natural-Media to accelerate the creation of exceptional, hand-painted photo.... Read More

Artist of the Week - Radar_rad-dude

Jun 22, 2020 at 05:48 pm by -gToon

 Our choice for the June 22, 2020, Renderosity Magazine Artist of the Week is Radar_rad-dude. What attracted us to this exciting artist is his use of bold colors and hi.... Read More
Space Invider by Yura Kozhevnikov

Winners of Hum3D's Space Rover Contest Announced

Jun 20, 2020 at 01:17 pm by -gToon

Hum3d, an amazing source for 3D car models, recently closed their Space Rover modeling contest and have announced the winners. The winning entries are simply astounding. There.... Read More

Join Foundry on a journey of modeling, lighting and compositing

Jun 17, 2020 at 03:00 am by -gToon

The Foundry Virtual Events team are excited to share a fresh list of webinars, skill ups and sessions with you. Visit Foundry's web page for June's webinars where we'll dive i.... Read More

C4D Modeling Melting Chocolate with Splines

Jun 16, 2020 at 01:10 pm by -gToon

Youtubist David Cantera shows how to model ice-cream and melting chocolate using splines and volumes in Maxon's Cinema 4D. Using this method gives you complete control over ho.... Read More

Artist of the Week for June 15, 2020 - Chrisjohnson

Jun 15, 2020 at 01:35 pm by -gToon

Chrisjohnson is our choice for the June 15, 2020, Artist of the Week. Although we featured him last year, his work is so good we want to share his work with you again. This ta.... Read More

El Mago Georges by Kati Egely

Jun 13, 2020 at 01:03 pm by -gToon

We aren't only created with free will, but also with responsibility. The responsibility to listen to our gut feelings, follow our intuition, the wise part of us. According to.... Read More

Download ZBrushCoreMini: the new free edition of ZBrush

Jun 11, 2020 at 12:24 pm by -gToon

Enjoy a true ZBrush experience as you take your first steps into the exciting world of digital sculpting with ZBrushCoreMini... completely free for all users!  Pixelogic.... Read More

Artist of the Week - SMS

Jun 08, 2020 at 06:08 pm by -gToon

Renderosity artist SMS is our choice for the June 8, 2020, Artist of the Week. SMS uses Lightwave 3D to design landscapes and create digital models of great beauty and comp.... Read More

Cinema 4D & Octane Tutorial - Satisfying Volume Spheres

Jun 02, 2020 at 04:39 pm by -gToon

This volume spheres tutorial by youtube teacher sketchy is a great introduction on how to use Octane and Cinema 4D.  💯3D Assets - ❤️You can.... Read More

Artist of the Week - braincells

Jun 01, 2020 at 05:16 pm by -gToon

Our June 1, 2020, Renderosity Magazine Artist of the Week is braincells. This very skilled artist who creates scenes of outstanding realism. Whether is a powerful female warri.... Read More

Artist of the Week - Vanda_Mata

May 25, 2020 at 04:24 pm by -gToon

Our artist of the week for May 25, 2020, is Vanda_Mata (Sympatico Studio). VM has a great feel for posing DAZ Studio figures. Hair, clothing, lighting and expression are all v.... Read More

Take Your Rendering to the Next Level with AMD Radeon ProRender Developer Updates and New Plug-Ins

May 23, 2020 at 02:30 am by -gToon

AMD Radeon™ ProRender is our fast, easy, and incredible physically-based rendering engine built on industry standards that can take your rendering to the.... Read More

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