IETS GT500 cooling pad review

Dec 20, 2022 at 11:23 am by nemirc

IETS GT500 cooling pad review
IETS GT500 cooling pad review

You may or may not know I got a MAINGEAR laptop a while ago, and it gets very hot when working on certain applications, like Unreal Engine, Unity or Character Creator. While the laptop has internal fans, they are definitely not enough to keep the computer cool. Sometimes it is very uncomfortable to use the computer, since the area around the function keys is very hot, even with the fans at full speed.

I had gotten a cooling pad, but it still wasn’t enough, so I decided to look around for another, better, cooling pad, and I ran into the IETS GT500 cooling fan. If you have a laptop and it gets hot, you really need to get this one.

The IETS GT500 is different to other cooling pads because it’s not a “flat grid” style cooling pad where the fan sits inside a grid, blowing air everywhere. The pad is completely sealed, and has a foam sealing cushion, with a hole in the middle, where the laptop sits. This basically seals the area where the air flows, so all the cool air goes directly into the laptop. The foam seal has two different tear-away areas, so you can adjust the hole of the seal to fit your laptop, from a small laptop, to a big 17inch laptop.

The IETS GT500 has a single, 500 RPM fan, with air intakes on the back of the pad. The intakes have these filters on them, to make sure dust, hair, fur, or any other dirt, won’t make it into the pad, and into the computer. The speed of the fan can be adjusted using a dial on the side, so you can decide how fast the fan should spin, depending on your needs.

The pad has adjustable height, so you can decide the computer inclination. This makes it very comfortable to work, since your wrists are able to rest on your laptop at an angle that it feels ok to you. This also makes it easy to have the screen at a higher spot, so you won’t be crouching over your desktop.

But the biggest question is, “does it work?” The simple answer, yes. Before I started using the cooling pad, my laptop’s temperature could easily reach 90°C or even 100°C when working, but now it usually sits at 45°C, and the surface of the keyboard area, specially around the function keys, is always cool. This is using the environment’s air at room temperature, and I am guessing if you had a special setup where the cooling pad could take cool air from an air conditioning, it could get even cooler. I personally haven’t given much thought to that, though.

Another thing I like is how the cooling pad is powered by an electric cord. So far, I had only used cooling pads powered by the USB port, and I am not a fan. Not only it means you are using one port for the fan, meaning you have less ports now (although some cooling pads serve as USB hubs as well). The USB port constantly powering the fan could mean bad news for the port. I never thought a simple cooling pad would be so damaging, but my laptop’s left USB port stopped working now, because the previous cooling pad was always connected to it. Unfortunately for me, that’s the port soldered to the laptop’s main board, so changing the port means changing the entire board (which is more than half the price of a completely new laptop).

On the other hand, the IETS GT500 can also serve as a USB hub, with 3 USB ports. I don’t really use that feature, though, since I already have a USB hub attached to my laptop.

Just one thing. The IETS GT500 is a little bulky, so if you are one of those that use the laptop on the couch, also keeping the cooling fan on your lap, the IETS GT500 may be too big for that. This one is better kept on a desktop.

The IETS GT500 is a little pricey ($78 on Amazon), but if you are running into temperature problems with your laptop, you definitely need to get this one.

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