Introducing Blender Apps

Nov 18, 2022 at 08:59 am by nemirc

Introducing Blender Apps
Introducing Blender Apps

A few days ago, The Blender Foundation shared some information about a project they are working on: Blender Apps, which are “experiences powered by Blender”, as they put it. The idea behind the Blender Apps is to provide a more focused functionality of anything Blender can do. For example, visualizing 3D models. However, the Blender Apps could do more, if they are extended.

An example of a Blender App could be one that lets you visualize models and animations, and lets you write notes on top of the work. The Blender App would offer some of the functionality already available in Blender, but it would be focused on displaying the animation, instead of offering the full Blender toolset. This would allow clients, producers or directors can visualize the work, without having to download and install Blender.

Another example could be an app that lets you easily navigate a scene, so whoever needs to review it can do it using simple navigation controls, since not everybody will be able to use 3D controls, no matter how simple you make them. As you can guess, the idea is to make the Blender Apps very easy to use, so anyone can use them, even without previous Blender knowledge.

The Blender Foundation also shared how they plan to allow people to make Blender Apps. Users can download a template, and then they just need to add the components and functionality that they need.

There is an example of a tool that you can check for yourself. It’s a simple app that lets you place 3D models and apply materials, using a very simple drag-and-drop interface. You can check it out here.

From what I can see, they have been working on this for a while. For example, the monkey app linked above has been a work in progress since last year. It is cool to see this initiative, and I think it will be very useful to Blender users who need to share their work in progress with other people that are not familiar with the app. There’s been a push to develop apps that make it easier to share your work in progress with clients and other non-technical users, and I hope more users take advantage of this.

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