Migrating to Unreal Engine 5: Quixel and animation woes

Aug 16, 2022 at 06:00 am by nemirc

As the work on “Just Let Me Go: Black Birthday” continues, I keep finding issues that, while easy to fix, consume time to be fixed, not because the fixes themselves are difficult, but because sometimes the answers are very obscure, not very intuitive and take some time to figure out (at least in my case).

Just for fun, I was working on another outfit for the girl. It was not a new outfit, but rather a recolored version of an old outfit (the ruffle top + flared leggings). That outfit has cloth simulation at the bottom, but that’s not a problem because the Auto-setup plugin from Reallusion takes care of that. Everything was working just fine, but then, when I played the game with the new outfit, I noticed the cloth simulation was not playing on my player character, although it played just fine on a skeletal mesh dragged from the Content Browser.


After looking around, I found that the cloth simulation in UE5 uses Chaos. What I had to do is set Chaos as the Clothing Simulation Factory in the pawn class. After I did this, the cloth simulation ran just fine.

Now that I mention the additional outfit, this is something that happened tomy  me when I was importing the new outfit into UE5. All my alternate outfits share the same skeleton (I import a naked figure, with shoes and use it as a base mesh) and then I import all the alternate outfits, connecting them to the same base skeleton. This way, I can simply swap the model, while keeping the same skeleton, and thus reusing the animations. Well, I did that in UE4 and it worked just fine, but now that I tried to do it in UE5, the Auto-setup doesn’t organize the materials and some textures. It’s a small thing and you may not really care, but since I try to keep my content organized, I always take the extra steps to leave everything organized. This does not happen if you generate the skeleton, though, only when you try to link it to an existing skeleton.

Another issue I ran into is related to animation import. I am not sure if this is exclusive to animations created in iClone, since I haven’t tried other application yet. Importing animations that don’t end in an exact fraction of a second result in an error. For example, if an animation is 12.366479 seconds long, it won’t import, but if you make it 12.25 it will import just fine. This was something completely unexpected, because it had never happened to me in UE4.

Lastly, this is not exactly an issue, but rather a tip. Quixel Bridge has changed between UE4 and UE5. Now, Bridge is integrated inside the Unreal Editor, which means you can browse the Quixel library directly in-editor, and also import Quixel content directly into the project. This is a very useful thing, since you don’t need to worry about changing the current project in your Bridge app, so things are imported into the correct project.

And that’s it for now. I will share more UE5 stuff as I discover more things.

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