Renderosity Magazine Weekly Art Challenge - Week 20

Jul 12, 2022 at 11:30 pm by nickcharles

Welcome to Week 20 of the Renderosity Magazine Weekly Art Challenge! The aim of this challenge is to get everyone creating, regardless of tools or methods. 

This week's challenge theme is 'Wheel'

Last week I introduced color palette exploration for an added challenge. This week we will just go back to a regular word theme. My word generator produced 'wheel', which could be interpreted in different ways, whether you consider the physical object, or perhaps the idea of a wheel (cycles, motion, etc.). See wherever this word leads you!

Hope you enjoy this week's challenge. And, if you have any suggestions for future challenges, let me know!

If you wish your work to be featured, contact me at, and be sure to include "Renderosity Magazine Weekly Art Challenge" in the subject line. All I ask is that for your work to be featured, it does not contain nudity, or otherwise could be deemed offensive.

Last week's challenge theme was an exercise in color palette exploration. Here are a couple submissions:


This piece was submitted by artdreamer on Renderosity.

"I had to get used to this way of working. Normally I make something, choose the colors and that's it...
I used ‘Coolors(dot)co’ and opened one of my creations made with Artbreeder in it. Actually, the assignment is just the other way around...
But this is the outcome, the fire tree with underneath the palette what the Coolors program made."
Be sure to check out artdreamer's Renderosity gallery, here


This piece, "Getting Up After the Fall," was submitted by APlusDesign.

"When learning how to skate, one of the first things we were taught was how to fall down safely and get up again.

It may seem odd that one would want to learn how to fall; as is not staying off the ground the goal? But sometimes you will fall down and if you have to fall, it's better to do it safely while you are still in control rather than fall because you have no choice.

But most importantly, you are taught how to get up again, on your own, with no support but yourself. You get yourself back into a kneeling position. You pull up on leg and push against it with your hands, using it as leverage to push yourself off the ground.

I didn't think about it at the time, but looking back now it is a perfect metaphor for what we need to do in life. Despite our best efforts we will occasionally end up on the ground due to a mistake or an event outside of our control. And that is okay - as long as we can get up again. And we get up by pushing ourself up - not by pulling others down. Pulling down others doesn't bring yourself up - you are still on the ground. It may be difficult, but the support is there with you to get off the ground. Falling is part of life; it's okay to fall. Just as long as you can push yourself up again.

I made this piece using a colour palette from one of my photos. Abstract piece showing how I was taught to get up after falling. How loving and appreciating yourself even when you fall is important. That getting up is done by pushing yourself up, not by pulling others down. Live with love and not with hate. No matter how difficult it gets." 

Be sure to check out the rest of APlusDesign's Renderosity gallery here


This was my own exploration of color palettes, five of them. I love playing with color palettes and use them a lot now in design work.

I hope you enjoyed this challenge and you continue to follow up weekly. And, please, spread the word! You do not need to be a member of Renderosity to participate, and you do not need to submit your work if you do not wish to. This is a work in progress and the format may change as it grows.

Thank you, and have a creative week ahead! 

The Renderosity Magazine Weekly Art Challenge appears every Wednesday, in which I provide a prompt of sorts, whether a theme, word, or idea. There are no strict guidelines, and any tools or methods are acceptable. You can use any software you wish, or use traditional means. There are no limits to where the prompt might lead you. 

Each succesive week, I will talk about the previous week's challenge, show what I came up with, as well as the work of other participants, and provide the theme/idea for the next challenge.

There are no prizes for this weekly challenge at this time. This is just to get us all doing something creative, no matter the tools or methods.

Nick C Sorbin (Nick Charles) is a former Managing Editor of 9 years for Renderosity's CG Industry News. By day, a mild-mannered Certified Pharmacy Technician working in both home infusion and a hospital ER, contrasting creative outlets as a digital artist, sculptor, musician, singer/songwriter, and Staff Writer for Renderosity Magazine. Read his articles

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