Choose or Die: movie review

May 06, 2022 at 05:04 pm by nemirc

Choose or Die is a horror movie recently added to the Netflix catalog, about this cursed text adventure game that makes all sort of world altering situations and forces you to make choice to move forward. The premise of the game is simple, you either choose what happens next por you die. The whole idea of a piece of media inside the movie, breaking the movie's fourth walk some what reminded me of "Remote Control", a horror movie from the 80's that I watched when I was a kid (my childhood was very cool). 

A very basic example of these world altering situations (from the movie) is this: you're on your desk and the game asks if you want a beer, and if you say yes, the beer materializes next to you. The really cool parts happen when the game takes control of people. 

One thing I liked is how the movie doesn't try to explain too much about the origin of the game. It goes into some mumbo jumbo about a cursed algorithm and how it was used to make the game. 

Another thing I liked is how the movie shows you how you will always be forced to play as long as there is a screen (but I would have liked to see what happens when there are no screen around). This, combines with the games, set a tense tone for the movie.  

Unfortunately, the final game is a disaster. I am not going to spoil it, but I will say it feels like the kind of ending you make when you don't know how to end the movie but still need to end it somehow. You’d expect this final sequence to bring the “big bad boss” (considering the videogame nature of this movie) but instead, they bring up a character out of nowhere that had not really earned his place in the movie, and the whole setup of the final feels like an unearned twist. And then you have the final scene where the movie feels like it goes full Avengers (I actually expected them to say with great power comes great vengeances... And responsibility). 

The characters are not very likeable either. At least for me, I didn’t really care about them that much, even if they deliver solid performances. I think that really affected my enjoyment of the movie because, when there were situations where I clearly had to care about them, I didn’t. 

Choose or Die had a lot of good ideas, and a very cool premise that could have been used for something extraordinary. Don’t get me wrong, the movie is entertainment and it is good for a weekend movie night, but it’s not a movie that you will think about for years to come, or a movie that is going to be on your “Halloween night watch list”.




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