Escape Motions Announces Their Second Tutorial Challenge

Apr 29, 2022 at 09:30 am by nickcharles

Escape Motions, creators of really unique digital art software: Flame PainterAmberlight and Rebelle, recently announced they are once again  looking to feature Rebelle artists, specifically, through a video tutorial challenge. If you aren't aware, Rebelle is known for its realistic-looking digital watercolor and acrylic painting that is so incredibly close to the feel and look to that of traditional painting.

The Escape Motions Video Tutorial Challenge presents participants with the challenge of creating a video tutorial to fit into one of three uniquely  themed categories for a chance at one of three cash prizes. Video tutorials are to be newly created during the challenge dates and using Rebelle 4, Rebelle 5, or Rebelle 5 Pro. And the tutorials don't need to be all that long, so the challenge minimum of 5 minutes could be perfect for some incredible tips and tricks using the software.

Now, I've followed Escape Motions for several years, tried and reviewed their applications and have witnessed the incredible growth of their applications. And Rebelle, specifically, is definitely top of the class for what it is capable of. But, don't just take my word for it. Have a gander at the incredible Rebelle user gallery on the Escape Motions website, and even have a go yourself with a trial of Rebelle.

The entry period for the challenge is from April 26, 2022 to May 10, 2022. The winners will be announced via newsletter by May 17, 2022. And this opportunity is incredible for good reasons, not least of which is recognition for your work, but also for the great monetary prizes!

As I mentioned previously, this is the second contest of this type from Escape Motions, and I think it's a really great idea. Art contests are great for the challenge posed to the artist, as well as for the recognition it brings. But, tutorials also help others immensely. And as the first challenge received some incredible submissions, I imagine this one will see even more participation. You can see the winners from the previous challenge here.

So, on to the good stuff! There are 3 monetary prizes being awarded as follows:

1st Prize: US $500
2nd Prize: US $400
3rd Prize: US $300

And, beyond that, the chosen tutorials will also be promoted on Escape Motions' YouTube, social media channels, newsletter, and their website. And recognition is always a good thing. But, how about the details? Well, you can find the full details and submission notes at this link. But, here are the three themes to aim for in this challenge:

Theme 1: Painting with Watercolors

Do you have useful tips for those who are just discovering watercolors or transitioning from traditional to digital painting? Share your approach and help someone else use Rebelle watercolors to the fullest.

Theme 2: Mixed Media Painting
If you like to combine different wet and dry media while creating your art, this theme is perfect for you! Make a tutorial video, painting a portrait, landscape, or anything you like.

Theme 3: Figurative Composition
Do you enjoy creating realistic or fantasy figurative compositions placed in natural, urban, or fictional environments? Create your own tutorial and share your skills with fellow artists.

There really is nothing else to say, but get on over and check out the Challenge announcement on the Escape Motions website and read the full details!


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