Make games on your phone using Godot

Apr 14, 2022 at 05:00 am by nemirc

Make games on your phone using Godot
Make games on your phone using Godot

Did you ever want to make videogames on your phone, for any random reason? Maybe you are out a lot but you have a lot of free time while you’re out, or maybe you’re one of those who likes to do things “because I can”. Well, you can now run Godot on your Android phone, if you feel like it.

Godot is a free, open-source engine distributed under the MIT license, and you can use it to make any game you want, no strings attached (no royalties, no licenses, or any other requirement). Since its open-source, you or other people can even extend the functionality of the engine to make it build games for other platforms (for example, you can make your own console exporters, if you have access to console SDKs).

The developers of Godot posted some news late last week, as part of their Dev Snapshot for Godot 3.5 beta 3, and, in that news post, they add a link where you can download an APK for Android. The APK is 63.4Mb, so you should use wireless to download (of course you can use your data to do it, but I have a limited data plan so I only download stuff using my data when I really need it).

While I am not a Godot user, I decided to download and try it out. As you may know, you need to “negotiate” with Android before you can install an app that comes from a third-party source, and no matter how much I tried, my phone didn’t allow me to install the app (I have installed third-party apps before and, after a lot of work I manage to do it, but this time I couldn’t.

However, I have seen videos of other users running Godot on their (not-so-powerful) phones, so I know it works.

In the past I have mentioned Godot is very lightweight, and this really helps when it comes to running the engine on a phone. I definitely don’t think you will get a lot of work done on your phone, since typing on the phone is very difficult. Besides, unless you use your phone just for programming, you will be limited to the kind of work you can make since you won’t have your graphics apps on your phone. Still, I think it’s nice that you can use the engine on your phone, since phones have already replaced computers for certain tasks, and complement computers in other cases.

Run Godot engine on your phone now:

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