Humble Film Makers VFX Bundle

Apr 05, 2022 at 07:15 am by nemirc

Humble Film Makers VFX Bundle
Humble Film Makers VFX Bundle

I discovered another Humble Bundle, and this one may be interesting to those who need visual effects for video. This one includes explosions, rain, light effects, many animated titles presets, and many more effects. The entire bundle includes 43 items, so there’s a lot here.

If you pay $1, you are given 4 items, including a VHS effects bundle and a collection of LUTs.

If you pay more than the average $23.45 (at the time of writing), you get 12 items including transition packs for Vegas, DaVinci Resolve, many different LUT packs and other effects.

However, you can pay $25 to get the entire set of 43 items, including light effects, rain effects, explosions, slideshow packs for After Effects and Premiere Pro, many LUT packs, looping background effects, and a variety of transition effects and matte effects (mask-based transitions).

On a side note, I would like to mention the studio behind these products is from Ukraine so part of your purchase can go to that studio and part of the purchase goes to a charity that has some funds allocated to help Ukraine (but I don’t know how much of your purchase will go specifically to Ukraine’s help). Also, Humble takes 30% of your purchase (regardless of the amount you donate), so if you want to get this bundle with the sole purpose of helping Ukraine, maybe find a different way to donate.

Get the bundle here:  

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