Keynote Wrap Up: NVIDIA CEO

Mar 23, 2022 at 12:40 pm by Press Release

Promising to transform trillion-dollar industries and address the “grand challenges” of our time, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang Tuesday shared a vision of an era where intelligence is created on an industrial scale and woven into real and virtual worlds.

Kicking off NVIDIA’s GTC conference, Huang introduced new silicon — including the new Hopper GPU architecture and new H100 GPU, new AI and accelerated computing software and powerful new data-center-scale systems.

”Companies are processing, refining their data, making AI software, becoming intelligence manufacturers,” Huang said, speaking from a virtual environment in the NVIDIA Omniverse real-time 3D collaboration and simulation platform as he described how AI is “racing in every direction.”

And all of it will be brought together by Omniverse to speed collaboration between people and AIs, better model and understand the real world, and serve as a proving ground for new kinds of robots, “the next wave of AI.”

Huang shared his vision with a gathering that has become one of the world’s most important AI conferences, bringing together leading developers, scientists and researchers.

The conference features more 1,600 speakers including from companies such as American Express, DoorDash, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Snap and Visa, as well as 200,000 registered attendees.

Huang’s presentation began with a spectacular flythrough of NVIDIA’s new campus, rendered in Omniverse, including buzzing labs working on advanced robotics projects.

He shared how the company’s work with the broader ecosystem is saving lives by advancing healthcare and drug discovery, and even helping save our planet.

“Scientists predict that a supercomputer a billion times larger than today’s is needed to effectively simulate regional climate change,” Huang said.

“NVIDIA is going to tackle this grand challenge with our Earth-2, the world’s first AI digital twin supercomputer, and invent new AI and computing technologies to give us a billion-X before it’s too late,” he said.
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