Bundle: The Complete Game Making Collection

Mar 22, 2022 at 05:30 am by nemirc

Bundle: The Complete Game Making Collection
Bundle: The Complete Game Making Collection

This time I would like to bring to your attention this Humble Bundle that might be of interest to game developers, or aspiring game developers. The Complete Game Making Collection is a bundle that features game engines and assets from TheGameCreators. In usual Humble Bundle fashion, you can pay different amounts of money to get a different set of assets, as well as pay the full price to get all 25 assets.

If you pay $1 or more, you can get four assets including the GameGuru game engine, and 3 environment packs. The GameGuru engine is not an engine I might have tried in the past, but from what I have seen apparently, it’s very easy to use. The engine features most of the things you see in other engines like Unity or Unreal Engine (dynamic shadows, a terrain editor, physics, character animation tools, AI scripting for enemies, etc.) and it uses LUA for scripting. From a rendering point of view, GameGuru might not look impressive, but I think it might be a good starting point if you are a beginner and you want an easy-to-use engine to start making games.

The next tier is paying over $21 to get 11 items. This looks more interesting, since it also includes the AppGameKit, which is an engine you can use to make mobile games. This is not an add-on for GameGuru, but rather a different engine. On top of that, you get even more 3D model packs for your creations.

Lastly, if you go all in and pay $25 or more, you can get all 25 items in the bundle. This includes even more software, as it includes AppGameKit Classic, AppGameKit VR, as well as a huge amount of assets.

Now, being realistic, you may or may not use all the assets in the pack. It all depends on the kinds of games you make, and how many games you make with this engine. Still, if you use a good chunk of these assets for your games it will still be worth it.

You should definitely take a look at this pack and decide if it is for you.




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