1000+ free PBR textures cc0 and high quality for download

Feb 17, 2022 at 11:37 am by Press Release

In the journey to become a perfect 3D artist and to perform well in various visualization tasks like architectural visualization, product visualization, game environments, and assets building, we should have a perfect knowledge of 3d modeling, rendering, lighting and materials. Today, renderings done with Physical based materials give perfect outputs as they imitate the actual look of material that gives perfect surface information like gloss, specularity, roughness, ambient occlusion, normal, bump, etc.

To set the value of each of these parameters to match the actual physical properties of real life material can be very challenging, in Blender there is a physical material Principled BSDF that have values, especially when the project is time-bound or when there is a large workload.

So faster way around is to use prebuilt PBR textures that include texture maps of these defined parameters. You can easily get away with materials by using these PBR textures.

I have made and still updating the collection of these textures which include wood, wood floor, tile texture, stone texture, floor tile textures, metal textures, leather and fabric textures and others, that are seamless, and I have uploaded all of them on my site, they are in a resolution of 1K, 2K, 4K and some are 8K also.

While UVW mapping helps with textures of ay resolution. I have developed some unique textures by a process called Hybrid texturing in which two similar textures are combined to get a unique design texture.

So you can have a look at my collection at www.Dextrous3D.com and can download free 3D textures or free PBR textures for free to use in your commercial projects.

Also, you can sell your 3d assets and textures to increase the library to a further extent giving unmatched service to brilliant 3d artists over the world.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment or suggestion in case of any issue.


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