The Color out of Space Movie Review

Feb 14, 2022 at 11:30 am by nemirc

The Color out of Space Movie Review
The Color out of Space Movie Review

I am a big fan of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, although I am not super knowledgeable about all his work to the point that I might be considered a walking encyclopedia on the subject. When I saw a movie was being made based on The Color out of Space, I got very excited, specially because I read about it at the time Annihilation was coming out and it kept being compared to The Color out of Space, so I got excited about the potential of having a proper adaptation of the story (BTW, I hated Annihilation).

The Color out of Space stars Nicolas Cage, Joely Richardson, Madeleine Arthur and Elliot Knight, among others. I actually watched the movie a bit ago, so this review is long overdue. I was unable to watch it in my country because the movie never came here, but when I was in the US a few months ago I discovered this service called “Tubi” where you can watch movies for free (you just need to watch some ads every now and then).

The first thing I have to say is that the movie is amazing. If you are a fan of the story, I think you are going to like what you find here. Just to give you a brief introduction, in case you’ve not read the story or watched the movie. The story is about a family dealing with a series of strange events after some meteorite falls from outer space. The meteorite slowly makes a lot of changes to the environment, first starting with some pleasant and interesting changes to plants and insects, but then things start turning dark as changes start happening to animals and even characters, to the point you pretty much get into full body-horror realm.

The entire film is about the family (and others) dealing with all the things happening around the crash site, seeing how things are affecting them mentally and physically. While Nicolas Cage can sometimes deliver some very “bombastic” performances, in this case I think the role fits him perfectly because you can see how the insanity is taking over him.

Visually, the movie is amazing. In the story, The Color is something you can’t describe, because it looks like a rainbow but at the same time as this amalgamation of colors, while at the same time not really considered a color because it couldn’t be compared to anything the eye could see. In the movie, it’s shown mostly like this pink/purple/blue glow that distorts everything around it, causing some sort of chromatic aberration effect around the objects it touches. Things touched by The Color also change in appearance and color (for example, some plants turn blue/purple, while some fruits grow larger than normal in size).

The film also features a variety of physical effects, including some effects for body-horror sequences that reminded me of the movie The Thing by John Carpenter. I know CGI allows for some really impressive things, but for these kind of horror films I like the “feel” of physical effects.

Oh, and the name of the young girl in the movie is Lavinia, as in Lavinia Whateley.

Overall, The Color out of Space is a very good movie and you should watch it if you are a fan of Lovecraft or a fan of crazy horror movies in general. I think the movie is still available on Tubi, if you are in the US. If you are located somewhere else, there are other streaming services where it’s available.

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