NVIDIA is Building 3D Virtual Worlds with Omniverse

Jan 07, 2022 at 08:35 pm by -gToon

For the 45 million professionals who create games, movies and more, Fisher described tools transforming their workflows. “We are at the dawn of the next digital frontier. Interconnected 3D virtual worlds … with shops, homes, people, robots, factories, museums … will be built by an expanding number of creators, collaborating across the globe,” he said.

NVIDIA Omniverse, the powerful platform for artists to collaborate and accelerate 3D work, remains free and is now generally available for GeForce and NVIDIA RTX Studio creators.

Omniverse uses Pixar’s open-standard Universal Scene Description (USD) to connect tools from more than 40 software development partners into a single 3D design platform. That lets creators across the globe collaborate in Omniverse on shared 3D workflows.

“This is the future of 3D content creation and how virtual worlds will be built,” Fisher said.

He detailed new capabilities in Omniverse, including:

  • Omniverse Nucleus Cloud, a one-click-to-collaborate 3D scene sharing feature, now in early access
  • Updates to Omniverse Audio2Face, an AI-enabled app that animates a 3D face based on an audio track, including direct export to Epic’s MetaHuman for creating realistic characters
  • New assets from Mechwarrior 5 and Shadow Warrior 3 added to the Omniverse Machinima library
  • And a wealth of free digital assets now available in the Omniverse launcher from leading 3D marketplaces.

In addition, we’ve upgraded NVIDIA Canvas, our Studio app that converts brushstrokes into photorealistic images. Available free to download here, it now supports 4x the resolution and new materials like flowers and bushes thanks to the efforts of NVIDIA researchers who developed GauGAN2.

It’s part of NVIDIA Studio’s broad and deep software stack, which accelerates more than 200 of the industry’s top creative applications

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