Unreal Engine Education Week Free Stuff

Oct 27, 2021 at 08:28 pm by nemirc

Unreal Engine Education Week Free Stuff

This week, Epic Games has had its Unreal Education Week, an event where users can take a look at different angles of Unreal Engine, including programming, virtual production, etc. However, this time I would like to mention that, as part of the Education Week, Epic Games has made available a few freebies. Let’s take a look.

The Top-Down Starter Kit is a near-complete framework that includes tutorials, and educators can use it to teach different lessons to their students.

The Toony Tiny RTS Set is a set of toon medieval assets you can use for strategy or tower defense games. However, I’m pretty sure you can use them in other kinds of games too.

ARCADE: Ultimate Vehicles Pack is a collection of stylized vehicles that can be used in any cars-based project.

The assets above can be downloaded until the 1st of November. However, the ones below will be permanently free.

Visual Novel Framework is a framework that lets you create your own visual novels, including branching dialogues, selections, etc.

The Basic Pickups VFX Set is a set of Niagara effects that offer a few interesting objects.

And lastly, the Interface & Item Sounds Pack is a pack of various sound effects that can be used in games.

While some of these assets are very straightforward “ready to use” assets (3D models, sounds, etc.), the interesting ones are usually the frameworks, since they can provide a very good look at how to program certain things in UE4, and that can be very useful for your own projects. If you’re an Unreal Engine user, you should get these right now.

Visit website: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/education-week-exclusive-download-your-free-marketplace-assets-until-november-1


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