The FreeMoCap Project

Jul 26, 2021 at 11:03 am by -gToon

The Free Motion Capture (FreeMoCap) system leverages bleeding-edge markerless motion capture software (e.g. OpenPose, DeepLabCut, etc) to create a streamlined ‘one-click pipeline for 3D kinematic reconstruction.

This system works with arbitrary camera hardware and provides methods for synchronous recording of wired cameras (e.g. USB webcams) as well as the post-hoc synchronization of independent cameras (e.g. GoPros).

The FreeMoCap project emphasizes ease-of-use, with the eventual goal of developing a system that will allow a 14-year-old with no technical training and no outside assistance to recreate a research-grade motion capture system for less than 100 US Dollars.
An in-development open-source software. Download the pre-alpha below and become a part of this exciting project!
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