Introducing Faceware Studio Personal Learning Edition

Jun 09, 2021 at 02:07 pm by Press Release

Start animating your MetaHuman for free!

Prior to this moment, it has been difficult, time-consuming, and costly to create and animate photo-real rigs. As a key partner with Epic, Faceware is removing the animation barriers by providing FREE access to a production-quality facial tracking software capable of driving MetaHuman assets: Faceware Studio Personal Learning Edition.

Faceware Studio Personal Learning Edition (PLE) provides you with the most recent version of Faceware Studio for six months, free of charge, for non-commercial use only. 

Faceware Studio Personal Learning Edition is built with Faceware Studio, our award-winning platform for creating high-quality facial animation and is used by many of the best studios in the world. The platform was recently updated with our deep learning jaw tracking technology, giving you all the tools you need to start creating impressive facial animation.

Unlike ARKit, Faceware Studio provides you with more control over the data stream. While you can use your own digital characters, we highly recommend working with Epic’s life-like MetaHumans and MetaHuman Creator.

So jump in - there’s never been a better time!


The button below will take you to the Faceware store. Once you enter the Faceware affiliate promo code METAHUMAN, the commercial price will turn to $0.00 and you will have access to Faceware Studio PLE free for six months. The offer expires July 31, 2021.

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