Illuminate the life in your design with Lumion 11.3, available now!

Mar 16, 2021 at 01:39 pm by -gToon

 In architecture, lighting is fundamental. The dancing interplay of shadows and light is what makes you feel something about a space. It's why entering a room can give you goosebumps or how sitting on the terrace on a summer's evening becomes an unforgettable memory. With a simplicity that’s as natural as sketching on a piece of paper, Lumion 11.3 guides you as you express the mood, life, and uniqueness in the spaces you design. Diffuse light throughout the bedroom of your interior project, casting vivid shadows of the furniture on the walls and the ceiling.
Expose the beauty, the atmosphere, or the chaotic nuances of how real-life would unfold in the home you designed. Add a little flavor when communicating the movement of people through a landscape design or a commercial building. With Lumion 11.3, there’s no limit to how you can help people experience the life and emotion contained within your design.
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