My experience using a small Wacom Intuos

Mar 04, 2021 at 06:00 am by nemirc

As you may know from a previous article, while I was traveling, I bought myself a MAINGEAR laptop. Another thing I bought was a small Wacom Intuos. I have been using a medium Wacom Intuos 4 for a long time (and before that, I was using a medium Wacom Intuos 3). This time, I decided to go for a small Wacom Intuos (non-pro), mostly due to money issues (to put it bluntly, I couldn’t afford to spend almost $400 on a new medium sized Wacom, nor spend more than $100 on a new Wacom in general). This time I will share my experience going from a medium Wacom Intuos 4 to a small Wacom Intuos.

One thing I love about Wacoms is that they are pretty much eternal. I got my first Wacom back in 2007, and it was perfectly functional by the time I sold it (in 2019). The Wacom Intuos 4  was also with me over 10 years. Unfortunately, Wacom eventually stops supporting old tablets, so it is impossible for me to get updated Windows 10 drivers for the Intuos 4 and that can cause a lot of issues (loss of working area configuration, mappable buttons and clicks).

But that’s not the main reason I got the small Wacom. The reason I got it is the same reason I got the laptop: I needed to work.

Comparing the two, writing on the tablet feels pretty much the same, but the Wacom Intuos’ pen is slightly thinner than the Intuos 4’s pen. That on itself is not a big issue, but having used the Wacom for such a long time I got used to the “feel” of the old pen. On the other hand, the Intuos 4 had different tips, but this one only has 3 replacements of the same tip, so you can’t simulate other kind of media.

The area of the tablet is obviously different, but I think that will only make a difference for certain kind of people. I don’t really paint much, so I can adjust to the small size, specially considering I can zoom in and out for better control.

The build of the tablet is very different, though. Maybe I am wrong (and I don’t want to find out) but it feels like the Wacom Intuos is more fragile than the Intuos 4.

But I think the feature I miss the most is the touch wheel. In the Intuos 4 (and this is the same for the Intuos Pro) you have a touch wheel that you can use to zoom in/out or scroll. The Intuos doesn’t have that, so I am forced to use the in-app zoom tools or the mouse’s wheel (which can be a real pain on the wrist if you use zoom or scroll a lot).

Another missing feature is the eraser. Painting with the opposite end of the pen, using the Intuos 4, allowed me to erase strokes. Now I have to manually select the eraser tool and do that.

To be honest this article feels like “buyer’s remorse.” I wouldn’t call it that because I was pretty aware of the limitations when I got the tablet. I am not saying it’s a bad tablet. It’s good for what you get, but if you are not a novice user, it’s better if you save for an Intuos Pro. Going from a Pro tablet to a regular Intuos feels like a downgrade.

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