Digital human creation with Reallusion: Wounds and bruises

Feb 23, 2021 at 10:00 am by nemirc

Digital human creation with Reallusion: Wounds and bruises

I continue exploring Character Creator 3, and this time I am looking into how to add wounds to my characters. As I continue working on "Just Let Me Go," I reach a point where I need to add bruises and wounds to my protagonist, because it didn’t make sense she would go through a very harsh situation and come out of it without any bruise.

Character Creator 3 with the Realistic Human Skin add-on has the ability to add bruises, cuts and blood to your character, and you can modify their parameters to fit your needs.

The software also includes a decent number of decals that you can use to modify the look of the wounds and scars. The parameters also allow you to change the color and metallic of the effects.

Besides cuts, you also have liquid effects, and the default liquid is blood.

However, you can change the color of the blood material to get some interesting results. For example, Predator blood.

Another nice effect is the tears (on a side note, there’s also a tears make up effect). Like I mentioned before, you can modify this one as well to create interesting results.

The different effects also have other modifiers to change the size, rotation and position of the effect. For example, this is the default bruise effect.

And this is the effect after I modify the scale, rotation and X/Y offset.

Effects also have specific parameters that control their look. For example, the bruise effect allows you to control the size of the red spot, the size of the bruise and the inflammation, coloring of the different parts of the bruise, etc.

You are not limited to using one effect, of course. You can layer effects one on top of another to get the desired effect. For example, adding bruises to your character and a bleeding nose. You can have up to 15 layers before CC3 shows a warning that says you should keep it below that number if you don’t want to experience slowdowns. I have never found myself using more than 15, but one time I tried using more and there weren’t really any issues. Of course, you may run into issues if you go crazy and have around 50 layers or so.

As a reminder, all these effects come as part of the Realistic Human Skin pack for SkinGen. This is yet another reason to get the Realistic Human Skin pack, or better yet, the Ultimate Digital Human Creation Bundle.

Visit Reallusion’s website.

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