Motion Weekly 48

Feb 14, 2021 at 10:00 pm by nickcharles

The Motion Weekly is a showcase of awe-inspiring short films, animation, incredible live-action, motion design, outstanding cinematography, and wicked cool experimental works. It's all motion, it's all inspiring. So, take the time to kick back and have a look at some fantastic work being produced out there. And, if you like what you see in this segment, please share it.

Some pieces featured have been created by professional studios, while others may be personal works. May this weekly segment serve to inspire you.

Head Over Heels

The first piece this week is an incredibly clever, and well made, stop motion short. It tells the story of a married couple who view the world differently, and ultimately accept this. Viewing this film, you'll immediately see how difficult this one had to be to make. If you head over to the film's website, you'll be treated to a director's commentary and a flipped version of the film...all very interesting and worth the time. 

HEAD OVER HEELS from Timothy Reckart on Vimeo

"Of the animated shorts, [Head Over Heels is] the cleverest."
-Stephen Holden, The New York Times


This piece is a wonderful, and trippy, hand-drawn animation. The flow in this is brilliant. 

Morning from Vojtěch Domlátil on Vimeo.

Morning. Coffee. Breakfast. Shower. And then? Trip outside? Or trip inside? Breathing meditation in form of linear full animation.

Short film by Vojtěch Domlátil.
Sound by Martin Klusák.

Ill Considered - The Stroke

This piece is the collaborative effort of artist Vincent de Boer and London-based jazz band 'Ill Considered'. This is essentially a music video with a twist - the music was actually created while the band viewed the animation. Both the music and the visuals are incredible.

Ill Considered - THE STROKE from Vincent de Boer on Vimeo.

Watch the 'making of' film:

Order THE STROKE vinyl + hand drawn frames:

A Film by Vincent de Boer
The Stroke is a hand-drawn animation film that reverses the roles of audio and visuals for a music video. Improvised on its very first viewing, the music for The Stroke was the immediate response of the musicians to the artistic and emotional visual journey. The drawings of the film are used for the 10th vinyl release of Ill Considered. All 338 records come with 12 unique drawings: one second of the film.

The Stroke tells the story of a brush stroke: a trace of a movement performed by the artist with his instrument, the paint brush. As the only non-musician member of Ill Considered, Vincent invites both the viewer and the musicians into a realm of strokes while exploring whether an album cover can transform into a music video. This has led to a multi-sensory artwork that connects the musician with the audience and the artist.


This extraordinary piece is actually a 10-part series that is presented here together. It's a long piece, at just over 30 minutes, but the visuals and voiceover is mesmerizing. Within the expanse of the universe...we are insignificant. I reached out to director, Clement Morin, to talk about this series. Hopefully I'll be sharing that with you all soon.

INSIGNIFICANT from Clément Morin on Vimeo.

From the infinitely large to the infinitely small, this short animated series explores the ambitious ways and dizzying mysteries of the universe, observes humanity under a microscope and propels the viewer into a world where man was never the center.

Created by Franck Courchamp & Clement Morin

Thanks for watching!

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Nick C Sorbin (Nick Charles) is a former Managing Editor of 9 years for Renderosity's CG Industry News. By day, a mild-mannered Certified Pharmacy Technician working in both home infusion and a hospital ER, contrasting creative outlets as a digital artist, sculptor, musician, singer/songwriter, and Staff Writer for Renderosity Magazine. Read his articles

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