Getting Started with Reallusion's ActorCore

Jan 27, 2021 at 11:47 am by Warlord720

Recently, we took a brief look at Reallusion’s new online, motion capture library, ActorCore.  Reallusion already has a large library of quality mocap for their iClone users and now that library has been opened to most major 3D animation platforms.

Located at, the web-based interface is clean and easy to navigate with a thumbnail layout that showcases the motions. At the top of the Home page, you will see the ActorCore logo and two menu choices: Home and Motion.

The Home page contains information about the library and how it operates along with access to pertinent files like Auto setups, Import Presets, and step by step video guide. Applications listed are Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, MotionBuilder, Blender, 3DS Max, and Cinema 4D. The usual forum links and contact info is listed on the footer at the bottom of the page.

The Motion tab is where all the cool stuff is where we’ll spend most of our time. The great thing about the library is that it offers packs and individual motions. If you purchase the packs then all the motions are downloaded in one zip file which is very convenient. The motions are also labeled for easy identification.

Easy to Navigate Interface

Before we go any further, DA Points aren’t required to make purchases from ActorCore. Reallusion does use a points system in their overall content purchase scheme, they are not necessary with ActorCore. You can use the major credit cards American Express, Visa, MasterCard and they offer PayPal as well.

When you jump over to the Motion section you will see a left-hand menu with the motions covering most of the center-right area of the page. Depending on the monitor size you are using when viewing the site this can be plenty of real estates to quickly see a lot of motions at a glance. The thumbnails are animated as you would expect. 

The left menu holds choices like Latest, Free, Inventory, Favorites, and so on. If you click on a Usage category like Film, the right-side fills with motions packs first then individual motions are listed after the packs. Choose a pack and a pane opens up on the right side with a pack description and buttons to View Items or Add to Cart.

If you continue to View Items, you see the Pack icon listed first with the price and a prominent ADD to Cart button followed by the motions in the pack. On a large monitor or using high resolution, you can see quite a bit of the motions. The usual scroll bar is located on the right side if needed. Clicking ADD to Cart will put the pack into the cart and switch over to a Go to Checkout button. All very convenient.

Simple Checkout With Several Payment Methods Available including DA Points

The checkout process is straightforward too and as you would expect with your cart first then the check-out page with the aforementioned payment options. Once you have successfully checked-out the motions are added to your library available from the left menu. Download settings include format (Unreal, Unity, Maya, 3DS Max, MotionBuilder), Avatar (Male Dummy, Female Dummy), FPS followed by Mirror and Zero Root Animation choices if needed. The motions are then compressed and downloaded.

The entire process is as simple and easy to use as any online store I’ve shopped in recent memory. Reallusion goes out of its way to make the customer experience as painless and hassle-free as possible.  

In the next installment, we’ll go into the motions themselves to see how they import, how they retarget, and other aspects of the motion library.

ActorCore Homepage:

iClone Unreal Live Link:


M.D. McCallum, aka WarLord, is an international award-winning commercial graphics artist, 3D animator, published author, project director, and webmaster with a freelance career that spans over 20 years.  Now retired, M.D. is currently working part-time on writing and select character development projects. You can learn more about MD on his website. 

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