YoYo Games sold to Opera Software

Jan 20, 2021 at 03:01 pm by nemirc

This Tuesday, Playtech sold YoYo Games, the creators of GameMaker to Opera Software for $10M. Personally I didn´t know YoYo Games was owned by another company, so this is surprising news for me. Playtech had previously purchased YoYo Games for $16.4M (meaning Playtech has lost money, not only for selling it at a cheaper price it was purchased, but also because adjustments for inflation make the difference even bigger) so It really makes me wonder why YoYo Games was sold.

As for Opera, they have confirmed the purchase of YoYo Games is the second step in the plan to create a new video game division called Opera Gaming. Previously, Opera Software had developed the world’s first gaming browser, Opera GX (to tell the truth I know nothing about this browser, so I don’t know how it is any different to regular browsers).

Opera expects to unite Opera GX and YoYo Games, and promises GameMaker will grow, making it more accessible to new users while maintaining the reputation of “the world´s leading 2D game engine.”

“We are very excited to start working with the team at YoYo Games,” said Krystian Kolondra, EVP Browsers at Opera. “We see the platform as being an ideal acquisition to complement our global ambitions in gaming, along with our Opera GX gaming browser. We look forward to further growing Opera GX and to driving the growth of GameMaker, making it more accessible to novice users and developing it into the world’s leading 2D game engine used by commercial studios. We are also thrilled to find future synergies between YoYo Games’ products and Opera GX.”

Meanwhile, Stuart Poole, General Manager of YoYo Games said, “It’s been clear to us from the first time we spoke to them that the whole of the team at Opera is incredibly passionate about games. Since joining them last week, the positivity and creative energy we are seeing from them has been overwhelming. We have always had big plans for improving GameMaker across all platforms, both from the perspective of improving accessibility and further developing the features available to commercial studios; and now we can’t wait to see them arrive much sooner.”

Personally, I am curious about the future. As you know, I am not a GameMaker user, but I am still curious nonetheless. While I have used Opera browser in the past (the regular one, not Opera GX), I switched to another one a long time ago and I have never kept an eye on Opera ever since. From what I see, Opera GX has a wide set of features that gamers might enjoy, like integrated Twitch, Discord and similar services, and also aggregators for gaming news. However, I would assume Opera Gaming is going to be more than a fancy browser. Maybe Opera is planning their own gaming portal/platform, and make GameMaker their tool of choice to develop their exclusive games (similar to how Amazon licensed CryEngine to develop Lumberyard, the engine being used to make the Amazon Game Studios games). If this is the case, there may be good opportunities for GameMaker users.


Opera: https://www.opera.com/

YoYo Games https://www.yoyogames.com/


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