Rebelle 4 is here!

Jan 11, 2021 at 09:57 am by Press Release

Rebelle 4

Is there anything that can replace traditional painting materials and techniques? The award-winning painting software Rebelle 4 could be the replacement artists are looking for. The latest version offers such realistic oils and watercolors, which will certainly change the mind of every digital art non-believer.

Every creative soul dreams of perfecting their technique and being able to give a breath of life to a breathtaking artwork. However, creativity and talent alone do not always deliver. Artists need extraordinary tools to achieve their dreams.

Escape Motions, a small team from Slovakia, delights in creating tools for artists to help them express their ideas. No matter your art background or proficiency, you should not miss the latest release of Rebelle 4, innovative painting software awarded all across the globe.

Previous Rebelle versions were famous for their incredible digital watercolors. Rebelle 4 comes with newly revised watercolors, with the aim to make the digital paintings look even more realistic. It’s packed with exciting features, such as new painting modes, natural RYB color mixing, and gamma correction. The new option to mix the wet and dry media in one layer creates stunning artistic expressions, nowhere else to see. These features will significantly change the authentic appearance of any artwork.

Artworks from Rebelle 4

Wintergirl by Kamila Stankiewicz
Scar by Valence
Queen by Kamila Stankiewicz
Rebelle by Martin Hanschild
Rebelle by Zoltan Korcsok
Owl the hunter by Simon Lovell
Woman with ribbons by Kuzayova

Escape Motions is now introducing the hyper-realistic digital oils, that will allow artists to master the most universally used painting techniques. Its impasto is dynamic and offers a great variety in appearance and new creative expressions for painters.

Rebelle 4 also comes with huge performance optimizations, lower painting lag, and 4x larger brushes in comparison with the previous version.

Brush creator also comes with major changes, such as individual customization of each brush, new options for brush line stabilization, and more new features (see more detailed list below).

With the cooperation of academic professionals, Escape Motions prepared ultra-realistic papers, canvases, and lithography stones, which allow artists to experiment with different backgrounds and enhance the traditional feel in the digital world.

The initial version of Rebelle has been introduced in May 2015. Since then Rebelle has become a sought-after paint tool dedicated to creating realistic wet and dry media artwork. Using real-world color blending, wet diffusion, and drying, it convincingly mimics the way natural media interacts with the canvas and itself. Designed for both CG artists as well as for traditional painters, this tool is a must-have solution for everyone who wants to explore their artistic skills using digital technology.

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