Digital human creation with Reallusion: Multi-part outfit part 2

Dec 10, 2020 at 12:40 pm by nemirc

Welcome back. Last time I showed you the first steps into creating a custom multi-part outfit for a character, using Maya and Character Creator 3. This time I will continue with the work, creating textures and fixing deformations. 

As shown in the previous article, the outfit still had some deformation issues so I went to fix some of those (deformation issues might still remain, but the process for fixing them is the same). To fix these issues, I used the Skin Weights tools, tweaking the weights using the weight painting tool. Most of the time I use the “add” mode in the tool, with very low values, so I can gradually add weight to a part of the mesh. I think that’s better than using the default mode, which replaces the weight of the vertex. 

I took all the objects into Substance Designer for texturing. However, before doing that, I drew a shape thing on the skirt, because I wanted to add that ornament to it. To draw that, I used Photoshop’s shapes. Then I used that as a mask in Designer, so I could combine two different materials. For this particular element, I also used Substance Painter to add two different materials with different Metallic and Roughness values (on a side note, I can also share the workflow used in Substance Designer, in a different article). 

Since all the texture sets were generated separately, I combined them in Photoshop to have the single texture used for all the materials, as you can see below. 

After importing all the textures into Character Creator 3, this is how the outfit looks like. It still has some interpenetration issues around the belly area, but I think some of those are caused by my video card. While my system uses a GTX 970, I am currently working on my MacBook Pro for various reasons, and I’ve noticed this computer shows some visualization issues.  

I already had my custom character for this outfit, so I decided to try it on her. She’s one of the playable characters for a top-down action game I’m working on.  

The most notorious issue is that, yet again, there’s some interpenetration issues in the legs. I think this is normal, considering stockings are very tight-fitting accessories. Another thing you can notice is how the blouse wraps around her breasts, creating those weird-looking crevices. This happens because my character’s breasts are bigger than those of the default female character. I really don’t like how this looks, so that’s the next thing I have to fix now. 

Another issue I had was with the stockings. In the previous article I mentioned I used the “Shoe” mode to transfer weights. Well, the issue is that, when I try to load the high heels, they replace the stockings because the stockings are also “shoes” (I am not sure if characters can wear more than one pair of shoes at the same time, because I haven’t tried making custom shoes first). To fix this issue, I performed another weight transfer, but this time I used the “Other” option. This way, I can have stockings and high heels on my character. 

Next time I will show you the process of finishing the character. 

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