Night Owls and Art

Nov 26, 2020 at 04:19 pm by Barbara Din

Night Owls and Art

Night Owls are a rare species amongst humans. However, there might be many more than you realize. Our contemporary ways of life which include, most conspicuously, jobs with predetermined hours, may be clouding the true number of night owls out there. Amongst them, artists are some of the most known.

There are pros and cons about being one (boy do I know!), and I want to give you some insight into how it is to be one.



The quiet. Oh, the quiet… Nobody bothers you. Everything’s calm. There are no noisy cars around, nor anything else disturbing the creative flow. No one calls, or texts, or IMs you. For people that needs peace to focus, night time is perfect. No interruptions. You can slide happily into the zone and live there for many hours.

Plus, there’s this feeling (I don’t know if other night owls have it, but I do) that the world is all yours for a little while. Like, no one’s using it now, so it’s almost as if you could spread your wings and fly around without being disturbed or worried about anything. It’s like an alternate reality.



I don’t know if it’s accurate to say there are more cons than pros. Maybe in terms of number of different things, but the enjoyable part of it might compensate… Of course it depends on the person. But also, I’m referring to what I would call a natural night owl. One that has a different circadian rhythm, so there might be no choice other than embracing it. Or, as I said earlier, suffer in a world dominated by early birds (jobs, school, etc. might not give the natural night owl the chance to be him/herself).

The flipside of the lovely quiet of the night, it that when you finally go to bed, everyone waked up and starts making noise. And since they live the “normal” hours, they have no regards for anyone “still” sleeping, which takes me to con number two…

Most people will tend to see you as a lazy person who does nothing but sleep. It does not matter how many times you explain that you sleep the same number of hours, just at another time. In their emotional mind they will feel you sleep when they sleep plus when you sleep.

If you can deal all your life with what I mentioned above, you will still encounter the problem of “normal” hours for everything. School, work, errands… forever. No one will take into account that having to go someplace at 8 in the morning for you is the equivalent of having to go at 3 a.m. for them.


In other words, you will be stigmatized. But there are some studies that show that if you are one, you shouldn’t feel bad.

“Yet Brown and Arand believe that one's unavoidable preference for morning or evening should not be considered bad or unhealthy. Society, they agree, should be more accepting of inherent sleep-and-wake modes, particularly of night owls, for whom adhering to standard business hours is arduous.”

Go read this article. And if you’re interested, do some research. There are many more out there.



Barbara Din is a visual artist, graphic designer, painter, interior designer, crafter, musician and writer living in Argentina. Learn more about Barbara and her work at the following links:
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