Digital human creation with Reallusion: Using SkinGen

Oct 20, 2020 at 10:00 am by nemirc

Welcome back to this series. This time I continue working on Amelia, as we explore Character Creator more deeply. Her body and face are pretty much finished (I still make changes here and there, but they are minor changes), and now she needs skin.

SkinGen is Character Creator's realistic skin generation module. With SkinGen you can create a very detailed skin texture for your character, change the skin tone to make it look lighter or darker, add details like beauty marks, freckles, scars, pimples, etc. On top of that, you can also add makeup and tattoos.

For Amelia, I needed to give her a different skin tone and green eyes, to fit her backstory and the game's plot. While Amelia's face is based on her voice actress, for the skin tone I used the woman you see on the right side of the image below, who is a model and TV host from my country (Amelia's face model added for skin tone comparison).

I used the default light skin texture as a starting point because it allowed me to tweak the tone the way I wanted, so I made her skin tone a little more yellow, like the model's skin tone. Using SkinGen you can easily tweak the coloring of the skin to fit your needs. And, since you can add decals to your character (for example, a lips decal), you can tweak all these skin parts separately.

This is specially useful for Just Let Me Go, since the game uses a Sin City aesthetic. I can easily tweak the skin so she can have a grayscale skin, while she keeps her red lips and green eyes. I even increased the saturation of the lips, so they would look nicer.

As I said before, with SkinGen you can also add makeup to your character. One thing worth mentioning is that you are not limited to the presets you are given. You can change the color of the makeup, transparency, and you can even layer different makeups on top of each other.

While I was working on this series of articles, I also worked on an enemy for the prototype. I used the same process as before, modifying the body, face and skin. You can see the result below.

SkinGen also has tools to modify a wide variety of skin effects. However, I will leave that part for a future article since I haven't explored those tools yet, as my main focus is to give you a broad overview of how I'm building my pipeline to create custom characters for my video games.

Now that I've finished my work on Amelia, I need to give her some clothing. Character Creator offers a few clothing objects, and you can purchase more on Reallusion's website. However, she's getting a custom outfit, so next time I will show you how I created a custom outfit for Amelia.

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