Cinema 4D Fog Volumes Tutorial (Redshift)

Oct 13, 2020 at 01:12 pm by -gToon


Hi Everyone! In this tutorial I run through some of the basics of setting up fog volumes inside Cinema 4D and rendering those out using Redshift.

I've also just uploaded a follow up tutorial where I take another pass at a foam material using some of the methods described in this video. Here's the link to that one:


0:00 - Intro / Examples
0:44 - Basic Fog Volume Setup
24:22 - Gradient Poster Breakdown
26:51 - Rendering Multiple Volume Builders
29:58 - Localized Fog Landscape Breakdown
34:13 - Cartoony Puff of Smoke Breakdown
39:21 - Smokey Tank Breakdown
43:55 - Wall of Fog Breakdown (! Be sure to turn on "Volume Contribution" in your Mesh Light!)
47:45 - Fog Gallery Breakdown / Volume From Splines

Source: I_go_by_zak youtube channel

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