M dot Strange's Nightmare Puppeteer Now Available on Steam!

Sep 22, 2020 at 05:00 am by -gToon

A game that makes animations. The worlds first "Cinematic performance engine" promises to make everything stranger.

Game made by a strange animation filmmaker seeks to unleash people's creativity with weird new tools and techniques for digital creation.

The Internet based game development studio, Imagination Rabbit's latest project, Nightmare Puppeteer will be released on Valve's Steam platform on September 22nd, 2020. Imagination Rabbit's in-house "professional weirdo" M dot Strange spent the past four months developing Nightmare Puppeteer. Strange, an internationally renowned award-winning animation filmmaker used his vast film making experience to create a strange animation tool that anyone can use to make the strangest animations in the world. Nightmare Puppeteer contains tools and techniques that have never been seen before, it mixes the worlds of film making, animation, puppetry and game development to create an entirely new creative instrument that people in an increasingly strange world can use to express themselves.

Initially inspired by the Ps4 game "Dreams", M dot Strange thought a creative game centered around nightmares was more appropriate for the current chaotic climate that the world is experiencing. "When everything is falling apart around you, Dreams don't seem like a very appropriate subject matter." said Strange. The main goal of Imagination Rabbit's Nightmare Puppeteer is to allow anyone with a PC to turn it into a strange animation studio.

"Making animation is really difficult, I've spent 15 years learning different tricks to make it faster, easier and cheaper. With Nightmare Puppeteer I turned all those tricks into an easy to use tool that anyone can use to make strange animations" said Strange. Combining technologies and techniques from the worlds of animation film making and game development using the Unity game engine is a key to Nightmare Puppeteer's creative magic. "I've never had a real budget for anything I've ever made, I've never had a proper studio either, it's always just been me and my PC" said Strange. "In using Unity to create an animation making tool I'm able to leverage a massive amount of tools and code others have made for video games. With a few small tweaks these tools help create amazing real-time film making tools" said Strange.

Available for sale on September 22nd, 2020 Nightmare Puppeteer will unleash the following features and more for new "Puppeteerians"

Keyboard Puppetry System- using a normal computer keyboard you puppeteer your actors, control the cameras, lights, even time itself and more!

Shut The Hell Up Auto-magic Lip Sync System- Actors will never stop talking using the recorded voices you add or use a live mic instead!

Twitch Mode- enable Twitch mode to allow the chat to control the actors, cameras and even adding images, text and even video!

HKLR Visual feedback system- taking visual feedback to a new level! Like what you see? Throw a heart! Hate it? Throw mud! + more(Only available in Twitch mode)

Youtubrrr- add a randomized ai Youtubrrr to commentate on your scenes, our ai Youtubrrr's are much more interesting than biological ones.



Steam Page: Nightmare Puppeteer on Steam

Instruction Manual: Manual Link

Official Video Tutorials: Video Tutorial Link

Regular Price: $39.99 usd

Development time: Approximately 6 months

Budget: < $1500 usd

More Information: Public Github Repo

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