New game 'Kingdoms of the World' set to enter beta testing

Sep 14, 2020 at 12:00 pm by Press Release

Kingdoms of the World

An emerging game studio, SMGC (Social Media Gaming Consortium), is bringing new life to a whole new generation of fantasy web-based retro strategy wargaming with the development of "Kingdoms of the World," a turn-based community wargame pitting hundreds of player Kingdoms against each other in the race to the top -- to be the ruler of all of the Kingdoms of the World.

The company, established by fantasy fiction writer and lead game designer, Matthew Thomas, Daniel Esbensen, Chief Technology Officer and veteran Social Media gaming developer's Sandie Davis and John "JD" Davis, will cater to fans of retro styled, turn-based strategy gaming, where communities of people gather together online to test their strengths against each other's Kingdoms.

SMGC's "Kingdoms of the World" is already in advanced BETA, with active players and kingdoms gaming right now for free at

"The game emerged from the community created during the early years of Social Media browser gaming, a group of people still very much committed to this style of play even to this day. With such commitment and involvement, it was just the obvious next step to bring this out to embrace a much larger audience. The Indiegogo Campaign finally goes live to launch at noon Pacific Time, Monday, Sept. 28," Thomas said.

The game involves each player forming their own Castle-based City-State. Each City-State then becomes part of a larger Kingdom, and those Kingdoms vie with each other for the control of land in the form of "Battle Standards." Each player's City-State has an initial set of Battle Standards representing the land they own, and these standards may be won and lost in turn-based combat. 

There are numerous different strategy methodologies one can employ, including building defensive structures, enhanced buildings allowing more complex weapons and armor to be built, and badges and potions that buff soldiers allowing them to become faster or more deadly in combat. By using a wide variety of communication techniques such as in-game chat, texts, Social Media and independent web platforms, players can plan and coordinate their attacks and defenses to create stronger and more effective battles.

Regarding the game's user interface, Thomas said, "The idea has always been to keep the interface simple, so that players can focus on the primal elements of game strategy. It's also why the game is turn-based, to allow players to utilize long-term plans. Nonetheless, the game needs expansion, and that's why we've come to the Indiegogo community to flesh out the rest of the game's features, and to brighten up the User Interface as well, without over-complicating it."

With the money raised from the crowdfunding campaign, the game will also expand outward into the larger national and international markets. There are already players from Australia, the UK, Canada, Europe and the Phillipines, so the game already has international appeal. But there is a capacity for hundreds of thousands of more players throughout the world.

The team behind SMGC includes an array of industry experts including a noted game designer and game conference speaker, a computer language designer with significant patents in use by the US Department of Defense, a 20-year journeyman in internet marketing and sales and a veteran Social Media game developer and coder.

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