Review: PortraitPro Body Studio 3 is 'fast and easy'

Aug 24, 2020 at 02:00 pm by Barbara Din

PortraitPro Body Studio 3 Review

When I reviewed for the first time a piece of software by Anthropics, PortraitPro Studio Max 19, I was in awe. This time I'm reviewing their intelligent retouch software for full body portraits, PortraitPro Body Studio 3. Let's go!

Similar to its face portrait counterpart, PortraitPro Body Studio welcomes you with a lot of interactive tutorials to get you started quickly and easily, followed by even more tutorials to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the program.

The basic premise here is you tell the software where the nose is located and whether the body is male or female. Then, it automatically finds the body parts and lets you start editing. It's amazing how easy it is!

This automatic recognition will work great for most front, full body images. But even if you have images with more tricky poses, there are ways to let the program know where things are. You'll have help and tips every step of the way, so I won't even bother telling you in detail how, as you'll learn very quickly thanks to this great help system.


First stop in editing are the shape sliders, which allow you to make large-scale changes to the body. You can change it quickly with the slim, curvy, lift and tall overall sliders, and then, if needed, go for the refining sliders inside torso, arms, legs and skeleton sections. You'll be able to make such drastic changes so fast, you'll be jumping for joy!

Next are the curve tools. It's a set of tools to further refine the shape of the body, get rid of bulges and make other local changes, like an intelligent liquify. These are very useful because they use the previous marked body parts, so it's very easy to retouch anything. There's even a tool to get rid of pinches made by clothing, straps, etc.!


Next are the skin tools. This panel allows you to select and manipulate areas of bare skin on the body. You can then smooth the skin with a slider. There's a special slider to make a tummy tuck, improving the stomach region when it is exposed. You can even change the appearance of the belly button!

Then you have the face sliders, which give you basic (compared to the whole PortraitPro Studio software) but powerful tools to improve the face.

After you've done most of the work, the Warp Fixer will allow you to fix parts of the image that became distorted due to the body manipulation. It's fast and easy and will restore the looks of any features that got wonky. Even if you have tricky images, with parts of the body overlapping warped lines, the warp fixer comes with a robust set of tools that will help you get rid of the distortions. And, as usual, you'll have help all along so it won't hurt at all!

Lastly, the Picture section allows you to control the color and contrast of the image. You know, the basic but needed levels, temperature, exposure, saturation, etc. There's even a black and white slider, and a sepia one. You'll be able to make the last touches to your image here. 


Did I say fast and easy too many times? I'm just as impressed with PortraitPro Body Studio 3 as I was with the first piece of software I tried from them. This is an invaluable tool for users of any level, from the occasional hobbyist to the seasoned pro, both because it's incredibly easy with almost no learning curve and help all along, and the speed in which you can completely transform an image.

The price is truly competitive, too. So, I encourage you all to try this amazing piece of software!

Try it here 

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