Reallusion releases Character Creator 3.3 and SkinGen

Aug 04, 2020 at 10:30 am by Press Release

Reallusion's Character Creator 3.3 and SkinGen

Reallusion is devoted to the digital human design pipeline and now adds another link in the chain of tools to design the ultimate digital human, the company said in a press release. 

Character Creator 3.3 features new realism tools that work with the already released Digital Human Shader and the Headshot plugin for rapid digital double creation for a total solution.

Accompanying the release of Character Creator 3.3, the digital human workflow evolves with SkinGen – an intuitive, dynamic skin layer system, and CC 3 Base+, a greatly enhanced character topology for overall visual upgrades.

“SkinGen is a major breakthrough in the digital human workflow that introduces an ultra-realistic dynamic material system dedicated to human skin synthesis," said John Martin, VP, Product Marketing, Reallusion. “The tools inside SkinGen are also empowered by the combination of industry leading partners like Texturing XYZ and Substance. SkinGen makes it possible for anyone to create a character with custom looks for age or appearance, and ultra-fine details down to the pores.



New CC3+ Character Base

Designing the best real-time Digital Human character is one of the core values of Character Creator 3. CC3 Base+ improves character mesh, UV, and skeletal rig; fulfilling the requirements of detailed sculpting and realistic animation.

  • Topology & Mesh Enhancement: evenly-distributed quad surface and perfect edge-loops for smooth facial expressions and body animations.
  • UV Optimization: Head UV includes neck area. High details for hand, nose, lips, and UDIM layout optimized for ZBrush, Substance Painter pipeline.
  • Upgraded Skinning & Rigging: Supports both A-pose & T-pose, enhances skin-weights.


SkinGen – Intuitive Skin and Makeup Design

Basic SkinGen features are included as a free update in CC 3.3. Along with embedded sample Skins and Makeup assets, all users are able to enjoy the layer stack and rich slider adjustments. The new character base (CC3 Base+) is required to present the quality for SkinGen. All existing characters can be easily converted into CC3 Base+, and a Batch Converter is also provided in the CC3.3 release.

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