Motion Weekly 44

May 21, 2020 at 10:17 pm by nickcharles

The Motion Weekly is a showcase of awe-inspiring short films, animation and motion graphic works from around the web. Some pieces featured have been created by professional studios, while others may be personal works. May this weekly segment serve to inspire you.

Though my original goal with this segment was to specifically highlight motion graphics and animated short films, it had evolved to also showcase incredible live-action, outstanding cinematography, and wicked cool experimental works. It's all motion, it's all inspiring. So, take the time to kick back and have a look at some fantastic work being produced out there. And, if you like what you see in this segment, please share it.

Friends With Death

The first piece this week is from Jim Mckenzie, as he shows the creation of one of his excellent sculptures through stop-motion. 

Friends With Death - Jim McKenzie (Grim Reaper Sculpture) from Jim McKenzie on Vimeo.

Friends With Death documents the step by step process of artist Jim McKenzie’s Grim Reaper sculpture in the form of stop motion animation. Over 7,000 photos were shot simultaneously as the piece was being sculpted to create this five minute short film.

McKenzie began creating the piece in November of 2018. Initially, the sculpture was not meant to be of the Grim Reaper, but of a friendly skull. Within the second month of the sculpting process, McKenzie experienced a loss in his immediate family. The following month his son was born. The two events unconsciously influenced a change in the sculpture’s direction, resulting in what is seen here. The finished sculpture was later displayed as a center piece in McKenzie’s mini solo exhibition, “Art Of Character” at Corey Helford Gallery which ran from June 29th 2019 - August 4th 2019.

To inquire purchasing the original sculpture, contact the Corey Helford Gallery at

How To Float

The style of this piece about overcoming fear and worry is incredible.

How to Float from Good Form on Vimeo.

Our hero begins her day like any other, but soon finds herself swept away in a lonely sea of worry and her own worst thoughts.

The Good Form team took a break from our regularly scheduled programming to try to tackle the complex subject of anxiety and depression through a short animated film.

Design & Animation: Good Form Studio
Story by: Alix Ablaza
Sound Design: Toronto Sound

Second To None

This film is a well crafted and comedic stop-motion piece. 

Second To None by Vincent Gallagher from Second to None on Vimeo.

When Fredericks twin brother becomes the world's oldest man by a mere minute, Frederick
finally sees his chance to take first place, by whatever means necessary.

‘Second to None’ is a stop motion comedy about ambition, where second best is never enough.

Phenomena Exotica

This fantastic film, from jossie Malis (Bendito Machine), is a compelling piece with a narrative voice that really draws you in. I'm a big fan of Jossie's work. Look for an interview with this filmmaker coming soon.

Phenomena Exotica from Topic on Vimeo.

An animated dark comedy that dissects all types of phenomena and exceptional situations related to human nature.

From filmmaker Jossie Malis.

Thanks for watching!

Have some inspirational work to share? drop me a line at with the subject line: Motion Weekly.

Nick C Sorbin (Nick Charles) is a former Managing Editor of 9 years for Renderosity's CG Industry News. By day, a mild-mannered Certified Pharmacy Technician working in both home infusion and a hospital ER, contrasting creative outlets as a digital artist, sculptor, musician, singer/songwriter, and Staff Writer for Renderosity Magazine. Read his articles

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