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Mar 25, 2020 at 11:39 am by Press Release

Rokoko Motion Library

Motion capture has always had a steep barrier to entry, but what if you could simply select a mocap clip created by a Hollywood VFX studio or a AAA game developer, and drop it directly into an existing project?

Today, Rokoko makes that possible by opening up its "Motion Library" marketplace to the public via the free-to-use Rokoko Studio, granting users access to thousands of professionally created mocap assets from studios behind major productions like Wonder Woman and League of Legends, each for $6 or less. The Motion Library will also be available natively within Maya 2020.1 at launch.

Now, everyone from VFX artists to game devs to architects can join with Unity and Maya users – who can browse the Motion Library natively through plugins – and access the marketplace via Rokoko Studio, giving them all the benefits of professional mocap clips, without the need for a mocap system. Whether it's a person walking naturally or a hero roundhouse kicking a foe, after a user has selected a clip that fits their needs, they can preview the clip within Rokoko Studio, and then download and import it directly into an external platform. Once purchased, those assets can be used indefinitely, across multiple projects.

"At Autodesk, we're always looking for ways to make the tough parts of production smoother for our customers," said TJ Galda, senior product line manager, Autodesk. "By partnering with Rokoko, we're making what's usually a costly and time-consuming step easier than ever before."

To celebrate the launch, Rokoko and Autodesk teamed up with SuperAlloy Interactive's Eric Jacobus, a stuntman best known for his work as Kratos in SIE Santa Monica Studio's God of War. Users will receive 50 original assets created specifically for this launch, offering a wide range of clips for use in any digital scenes – including physically intensive and high-impact movements – perfect for artists looking to add realism to their action-oriented projects.

A closer look at the making of these assets can be found here.

While the Motion Library will continue to see a steady influx of professionally created mocap assets increase its catalog, in the coming months, the marketplace will expand significantly.

Upcoming features include:

  • Anyone can become a publisher and sell their assets directly on the marketplace, regardless of the mocap hardware they are using, including both optical and inertial. Once uploaded, users can then set their own prices and sell directly to others.
  • A new social component will enable visitors to "like" and comment on assets, improving their visibility and increasing the reputation of the creator.
  • Staff picks chosen and promoted by Rokoko will highlight the best from professional and amateur creators.

Additional features and categories will be introduced in the near future at no cost.

"Our goal with the Motion Library marketplace is to create a centralized hub and a resource for mocap users and creators," said Jakob Balslev, founder and CEO of Rokoko. "Motion capture shouldn't belong exclusively to companies with big budgets, it should be accessible to everyone. We can't wait to see some of the possibilities this marketplace will open up."

Rokoko's Motion Library first debuted in September 2018 exclusively for Unity users. The inclusion of the Motion Library within Rokoko Studio marks the first time the marketplace will be available to the public. The Motion Library is also available as of today natively within Autodesk's Maya 2020.1, and additional plugins will be announced soon.

Rokoko Studio featuring the Motion Library is available now to download and use at no cost. Once registered, users will have full access to the Motion Library marketplace. Each asset is available for purchase individually, with prices set at either $3 or $6 per asset as determined by the publisher.

About Rokoko
Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with a core team located in San Francisco, Rokoko's vision is to give all creative teams access to quick, non-intrusive and intuitive animation tools. After completing a successful Kickstarter campaign, Rokoko immediately embarked on designing and producing its flagship Smartsuit Pro, which has now been shipped to more than 60 countries and is used by international giants like Netflix, Sony, 20th Century Studios, Microsoft, Ikea, Volkswagen and more, to small indie game and film studios across the globe. Today, Rokoko offers a range of tools that are all designed to make professional 3D animation tools accessible to everybody, regardless of budget or technical expertise.

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