How you can watch Maxon's NAB Show NY presentations

Jan 24, 2020 at 10:00 am by Press Release

Maxon's NAB Show NY presentations

Maxon's speakers at NAB Show NY once again covered visitors with a wide range of presentations: from production techniques for cinema blockbusters to tips and tricks that make life easier for Cinema 4D beginners, there was something for everyone.

Territory Studio's Marty Romances revealed how he used volumes, fields, and collision deformers in Cinema 4D to create abstract screen graphics for movies like Blade Runner 2049.

Motion designer Robyn Haddow showed how to use simple MoGraph setups to create complex Guardian of the Galaxy-style holograms and technology visualizations such as body scanners. 

Isaac Tarrack's talk explained how to use Cinema 4D to create procedural beer foam or shatter a surface like glass.

All NAB Show NY presentations are available immediately on Maxn's Playlist on YouTube.

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