Nexus Studios Release Gilda, a Next-Gen VR/AR Suite of Tools

Dec 19, 2019 at 12:58 pm by Press Release

Unveiled today, Gilda is a proprietary suite of augmented reality tools and techniques created by next generation animation studio, Nexus Studios. 
Gilda, in a world-first and fueled by the advent of 5G, solves the critical challenge of augmented reality by creating “AR-ready” locations that have been mapped in order to experience multiple realities on top of that location. Gilda delivers believable hyper-realistic experiences, most recently evidenced by its launch of Samsung’s recent epic AR activation at AT&T Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.
Gilda is pioneering the use of new Visual Positioning System technologies such as Scape and 6D.AI to accurately locate us within the real world. The platform’s innovation is in scanning the environment to create an accurate digital twin from the resulting photogrammetry. Then in-engine tools allow Gilda to bring to life engaging content and experiences in the real-world location.
Click here for more info and to see Gilda in action.
“Imagine you could use any environment as a blank canvas for a compelling and interactive digital experience,” Chris O’Reilly, co-founder, Nexus Studios, said. "With Gilda, you can do just that. Gilda enables users to experience the next level of augmented reality through captivating storytelling, which includes hyper-realistic characters and environments. Whether it be utilized in gaming, sports, theme parks or museums, the potential for “Enhanced Location” activations is now endless, with Gilda as the key to unlocking the future of location-based augmented reality.”
Gilda is the world’s only platform that enables all these elements to combine and create “Enhanced Locations,” a term coined by Nexus Studios that describes the essence of a true AR experience. 
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