Reallusion's Animation At Work Contest 2019 - Winner Announcement

Nov 28, 2019 at 08:00 am by -gToon

Cartoon Animator Contest 2019 "Animation At Work" has finally completed after three months of exciting competition. With the participation of dozens of amazing animators, Cartoon Animator has proved once again that it is the tool of choice among every skill level and project mission. "Animation At Work" contest was a runaway success that comprised of 240 submissions, with more creativity and skill in a single contest that we have ever witnessed.

The entries include commercials, artworks, and YouTube videos made exclusively with Cartoon Animator 4. A huge thanks go out to all the participants who rocked this event! Join us and check out the winners for Business, Comic, YouTube, and Education animation categories.

Finally, some of the entries are stunning but disadvantaged competing in the existing categories. We set "Judges' Awards" specifically for them.

00:08 Winners of Business Animation

00:43 Winners of Comic Animation

01:20 Winners of YouTuber Animation

01:50 Winners of Education Animation

02:12 Judges' Award

02:49 Honorable Mentions




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