Poser has a new home: What can we expect?

Oct 23, 2019 at 12:00 pm by nemirc

Poser has a new home

If you have been following the news, you know Poser was acquired by Bondware, the company behind Renderosity. Also, Poser was updated to version 11.2.

Poser 11.2 is not a big update with a lot of new features, but rather a "bridge update" (as Bondware calls it) meant to update the licensing system as a first step to integrate Poser with the Renderosity Marketplace. On the other hand, while the software itself doesn't include a lot of new features, it does include a lot of new licensed content from the Marketplace (I'll explain what that means below).

As you know, Bondware has had a great relationship with Poser for a long time, and they've had ideas of what they would do with the software if they had a chance. That, and the passion that some of the Renderosity team members exhibited over the past years, had driven Bondware to acquire the software and now it has become a reality.

One of the changes that some people will find useful is the ability to search the Marketplace from the Library.

So far, the Library search has been used just to search content inside your Poser installation, but now you can use it to search for content on the Renderosity Marketplace. When you find something that interests you, just double-click on the icon and that will take you to the product's store page on the Renderosity Marketplace.

Another interesting addition is a menu command that allows you to install content from a zip file. Installing Poser content has always been a matter of unzipping all the content inside the Poser Library folder on your hard drive. This small addition should make it easier to install content.

Uninstalling content is another issue, though. You still need to delete files by hand if you want to completely get rid of some Poser content, a time-consuming task, because files are installed on different folders.

As I mentioned above, Poser 11.2 includes a lot of new content.

The content includes La Femme (a new female figure product of the collective work of a handful very talented Marketplace vendors), some human and animal figures from HiveWire 3D, vehicles, scenes, and other things created by third-party vendors.

On a side note, now La Femme is the default figure when you start Poser. Besides being a nice looking figure, it actually features better deformations. The image below shows a comparison between an extreme leg bend between La Femme and Victoria 4.

As you may remember, the Poser license states you can use the Poser content on interactive media (games, interactive presentations, etc.).

This is still the case, but you must know that those license terms only apply to the original Poser content (the P1-P4 figures, Alyson, Andy, and the rest of the Pre-Poser 11.2 figures). What this means is that you cannot use La Femme, the HiveWire 3D figures, or any other figure from the new Poser content in a videogame (I actually asked Michelle Willard about this, so this information comes directly from Bondware).

Just to clarify, this means using the actual 3D models. You can perfectly render out 3D scenes in Poser and use those rendered images for a game (for example, making an interactive graphic novel with 3D rendered images opposed to hand-painted images).

Speaking with Michelle Willard, I was told that, in the future, there's the possibility (emphasis on "possibility") that Poser might connect to your Renderosity account, making it easier to add or remove Poser content you've purchased.

A way to manage the Poser content easier would also be more than welcome, so I hope this becomes a reality. However, that doesn't mean a Renderosity account will become mandatory to use Poser.

Renderosity accounts are only needed when users want to purchase content from the Marketplace, access the forums, or view certain tutorials.

You may or may not know that Poser has been used for forensic recreations, for example, and while some of them have purchased Poser content to recreate their scenes, others rely exclusively on the included content (actually, there's a local newspaper in my country that uses Poser a lot for health-related articles, and they use the P4 figures).

Michelle also tells me that the next steps for the software may include render engine and Cloth Room improvements, and also performance improvements. They are also planning improvements in other areas, like scripting, vendor tools, fitting tools, etc.

The Bondware team knows there's a lot of things that can be improved in Poser and that they need to define priorities.

One thing to keep in mind, if you are a Mac user: Mac OSX Catalina completely drops the 32-bit support, and, as I understand, Poser is still a 32-bit application for Mac (the PC version is 64-bit). This means Poser would no longer run on Catalina. Hopefully, a 64-bit version of Poser on the Mac will be available soon, since Catalina can potentially cripple all Poser installations. In the meantime, it's better to keep using Mojave.

Poser is one of the applications that introduced me to 3D graphics, and I am optimistic that it's going to see a lot of nice improvements as part of Bondware. In the meantime, join the conversation in the Poser forum.

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