How to set up lights with Cinema 4D and Redshift

Oct 17, 2019 at 12:00 pm by Submitted

New course will show how to set up lights

Convincing lighting is one of the most important aspects of a realistic-looking rendering.

In his newest course, Pro Lighting in Cinema 4D / Redshift, Tim Clapham uses his technical expertise in Cinema 4D to demonstrate how to create a creative workflow for 3D artists. After a brief introduction to basic lighting, the tutorial will cover the properties of various lighting setups in different scenes.

By combining traditional lighting methods from the fields of photography and film with digital tricks offered by 3D applications, course participants will quickly establish a comprehensive toolset for realizing their most creative ideas. The knowledge gained here can be used to open new possibilities for future projects when it comes to manipulating light and color.

The final lighting setups from each section are included in the course and as a special bonus, 20 Redshift lighting presets are also included! To get a taste of what this course offers you can download 5 free setups from the product page. Course participants can use the scenes, models and textures from the course material for their own projects.

All you have to bring is basic Cinema 4D skills and access to Redshift.

More information about the course and the 5 free lighting presets are available at the Helloluxx product site.

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