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Oct 09, 2019 at 10:00 am by nemirc

PortraitPro Body

PortraitPro Body is another software photo manipulation by Anthropics, a company that also offers PortraitPro and LandscapePro, two applications I've already covered.

PortraitPro Body is an application designed to allow for, mostly, body shape modification. I say "mostly" because it also allows you to do other things like skin smoothing and facial expression modification.

When you start a new project, the first thing you need to do is click on the subject's nose (I assume it's simply because the software needs to start calculations from a specific point of reference), and then you tell the software if the subject is a man or a woman.

After this, the software will calculate some body outlines (meant to be used for body modification), and you can either accept the result or refine the outlines.

The resulting outlines are actually pretty good, but, if you decide to refine them, you are allowed to move the different outline points, define the torso (part of this includes telling the location of the bellybutton), and letting the software know if a limb is in front of another body part.

You have two different sets of tools to modify the body shape. The first set of tools is found in the "shape sliders" section. Here, you have sliders that let you modify how slim, tall, etc., however, just like in PortraitPro, some options change depending on your subject's sex: If you are modifying a woman's body, you are presented with the slider "curvy," and if you are modifying a man, that slider is replaced with one that reads "built." Using these sliders feels similar to using Poser to modify your 3D character, and you can do some really drastic modifications.

The other set of tools to modify body shape are the shape tools. With the shape tools you have the option to move the curves to modify the body shape, and also use some "pixel-drag" tools to modify body shape using strokes (think of them as Photoshop's Liquify filter). These are very useful when you want to fine-tune the shape of your subject's body, since the sliders above will mostly affect the body shape on a very broad level.

A feature I liked was the warp fixer. Sometimes you will be modifying pictures that include other objects in the scene. What this means is that, whenever you change your model's body shape, pixels of those extra objects will be dragged along. If you use the warp fixer tools you can prevent those objects from being deformed by the other tools.

Another thing you can do is modify the model's facial expression a little bit. Some things you can do are give your model bigger eyes, a smile, and change the facial contours. If you need more options, however, the best is to use PortraitPro. On top of that, you also have some basic tools to modify the look of an image (like changing the contrast, exposure, etc.). However, these are not really a replacement for PhotoShop or PortraitPro, which had way more photo manipulation options.

PortraitPro Body includes a lot of short tutorials that you can follow to learn to use the software. I found these to be very useful and easy to follow, making learning the software very easy.

If you are into model photography (or photography that requires models to display products) PortraitPro Body can be a very useful tool. If you already use PortraitPro, then PortraitPro Body is a very good addition to your workflow, as you'd have tools to modify the face and body of your model.

You can also add LandscapePro to the mix, and use all three applications for different stages of your work. You can get PortraitPro Body Standard for $39.95 or Studio for $59.95 (these are 50% off discounts being offered at the time of writing this review; regular prices will be double of that). If you want to know what PortraitPro Body can do for you, check out the trial version.

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