Gallery: Prog Art V2 by DigitalDream666

Aug 30, 2019 at 01:00 pm by -gToon

DigitalDream666 is an artist who hails from Germany. He creates remarkable images that are often dark and moody. His work is highly detailed and often quite unique. He often designs jewelry as well. One of his most recent images is Prog Art V2 which is my favorite of his works to date.

Prog Art V2 is one of those arresting images that not only produces an emotional reaction but makes you examine the image in detail. Who is this strange creature? What kind of world is it in? What is happening? Great work often exists beyond the frame and Prog Art V2 is a perfect example In a single image, the artist has created a whole world. Amazing work. 

Please visit DigitalDream666's gallery at Renderosity for more remarkable creations.


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