Artist of the Week - ChrisJohnson

Aug 12, 2019 at 09:54 pm by -gToon

We are starting a new series at Renderosity Magazine: the Artist of the Week. For some time we've been posting in this series on our Facebook page, but now we'd like to bring it to our readers here at the site. Each Monday we will choose and interesting artist both from Renderosity and the wider digital art world, and post a short video (8 works) along with a brief commentary. 

This week we choose a talented female portraitist, ChrisJohnson. His work features very well posed women with excellent lighting and very good renders. Some of his portraits feature women in alluring poses, but others find them in a more contemplative mood. The variety is what makes his work so interesting. 

Check out ChrisJohnson's gallery at Renderosity for more work:


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