SIGGRAPH 2019 News, July 29: Vicon, NVIDIA, AWS Thinkbox

Jul 29, 2019 at 11:59 am by SchelleFire

SIGGRAPH 2019 News

SIGGRAPH is always a wealth of news and 2019 is no different. Here's the top news from July 29.

Vicon announces upcoming release of Shōgun 1.3

Vicon announced the upcoming release of Shōgun 1.3, the latest addition to its industry-leading performance capture platform for entertainment, including games and VFX. Shōgun 1.3 introduces the world's most precise finger solving, enabling artists to create and see fully animated characters in real-time, saving both time and money. Users will also be able to stream their own characters directly into game engines, and support for the Universal Scene Description (USD) format has been added, opening the door to mobile devices and augmented reality.

The addition of the new finger solving in Shōgun 1.3 means that users can record the entire body – from skeletal movements to the smallest hand gestures – for use in projects ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to AAA games. To create this highly sophisticated finger solving, Vicon partnered with Framestore, the Academy Award-winning VFX studio whose resume includes films like Gravity, Blade Runner 2049 and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Along with finger solving, Shōgun 1.3 grants users the ability to record data directly into a game engine – including both Unity and Unreal Engine 4 – without the need for third-party packages.

Shōgun 1.3 is now the only motion capture platform on the market that can export skeletal data using the new Universal Scene Description (USD) format, a file type currently used by major VFX companies around the world, including ILM, Framestore and Pixar.

Shōgun Live users will find several improvements to the overall functionality, including multi-machine support, allowing scaling of processes across multiple PCs and improving performance for large captures.

Shōgun Post will feature a new gap list function, allowing users to first identify individual users and then separate a single performer. From there, Shōgun will identify any gaps in the performer’s movements and automatically fill them in based on the expected movement. A waving hand missing a marker on a finger will add that finger or a gap in a moving fist will be filled, all without forcing artists to spend precious time individually filling in these gaps one by one.

Vicon will host its interactive SIGGRAPH demo July 30 – August 1, with sessions taking place at Vicon’s booth #741 throughout the day. Between sessions, Vicon’s Tim Doubleday will offer a closer look at the new tools, with scheduled demos taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday at 4 p.m., and Thursday at 2:30 p.m. 

NVIDIA announcements

On Monday, July 29 at the annual SIGGRAPH conference for computer graphics, NVIDIA made announcements regarding new products and solutions for studios, developers and creators alike, including:

NVIDIA RTX Extends Reach Across Top Applications, Bringing Ray Tracing, AI to Millions of Creatives
Over 40 creative apps from the world's leading software makers now support NVIDIA RTX to bring ray tracing and AI to millions of creatives. Top ISVs debuted their latest apps to support RTX, including Adobe Substance Painter, Autodesk Flame, Blender Cycles, Dimension 5 D5 Fusion, Daz 3D studio, Foundry Modo and Luxion Keyshot.

NVIDIA RTX Studio Laptops and Mobile Workstations — Purpose-Built for Creators — Coming from Every Major OEM
We showcased 10 new RTX Studio laptops and mobile workstations from Dell, HP, Lenovo and BOXX, raising the total number of RTX Studio models to 27. The RTX Studio models deliver the GPU acceleration artists need to handle workflows, from video editing to 3D rendering. And the newest NVIDIA Studio Driver provides support and optimization for the latest RTX creative apps.  

We post our news and images on the NVIDIA Newsroom

AWS Thinkbox showcases virtual workstations

At SIGGRAPH 2019, booth #1203, AWS Thinkbox will highlight a complete studio in the cloud workflow, including rendering, virtual workstation, and storage solutions that help creative studios iterate faster and take on more projects. Cloud rendering allows studios to increase productivity since visual effects artists spend less time waiting for renders and more time creating and perfecting content. Using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Spot Instances, studios can achieve near-limitless rendering scale at up to 90 percent cost savings compared to On-Demand pricing, and pay only for resources used.
AWS Thinkbox studio in the cloud solutions encompass the full digital content creation pipeline. By leveraging virtual workstations running on Amazon EC2 G3 or G4 instances, studios can enlist artists based in almost any location on a short- or long-term basis, broadening the possible pool of talent beyond local geography and removing physical workstation considerations. Artists work securely using a streaming application of their choice and the studio’s existing licensing for their preferred content creation tools, with content stored securely using Amazon S3 or Amazon S3 Glacier.
During SIGGRAPH 2019, AWS Thinkbox will also present a full day of cloud-focused sessions on Wednesday, July 31 in room 303B at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The day will feature a keynote from AWS Thinkbox Principal Product Manager Will McDonald, who was recently named to the Governing Board of the Academy Software Foundation (ASWF), and presentations and moderated panels with VFX industry leaders from Milk Visual Effects, Nice Shoes, Rocket Science VFX, and Shotgun, among others.
AWS Thinkbox has connected visual effects and animation studios with cloud-based render resources for several years through its Deadline render management software. Now deeply integrated with AWS, Thinkbox has combined its media and entertainment industry expertise and the vast, global resources of AWS to provide creative studios with unmatched scalability and flexibility to run virtual workstations, rendering, and storage workloads.
Details and event schedule can be found here:


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