Faceware offers fresh pricing, Shepherd in open beta

Apr 04, 2019 at 11:00 am by SchelleFire

Faceware Thechnologies

A company can have the best tech in the world, but it doesn't matter if it isn't widely adopted. 

Faceware Technologies has hope that a few changes to its pricing scheme will move more users to adopt its 3D facial motion capture as it releases updates to both Faceware Analyzer and Retargeter.

Peter Busch, vice president of business development at Faceware, said the newest release will integrate deep learning so developers can "understand things at a deeper level" and model new features like its real-time mo-cap that predicts where an actor's teeth and tongue are for better results.

The new prices, which go into effect immediately, offer more options and a greater simplification of prices for Faceware’s expanding customer base.

"Every year, we conduct a complete audit of our pricing, which includes a survey of our customers and resellers, as well as a review of all of our SKUs," Busch said. "What we noticed was a broader range of users with different pricing requirements, so our goal this year was to provide pricing options that would be attractive to existing and new users across industries."

Busch explained the company wanted to improve accessibilty by adopting the price reductions and keeping perpetual license option along with the subscription model.

"What we ultimately wanted to do was strike a balance," Busch said in an interview with Renderosity Magazine.

The cost reduction is steep with the launch point set at only $99 per year for select software packages. For a complete list of price changes, visit the new pricing page on Faceware’s website for prices on SOFTWARE or CAMERAS.

Busch said users will have access to same tools by with lower cost of entry. Perpetual licenses of Analyzer 3 Studio and Retargeter 5 Studio now start at just $750 and $500 respectively, including the first year of support.

"Both our Mark III and Indie Headcam systems now include a hassle-free one-year, extendable warranty which now covers repair or replacement of any component at no additional cost," he said.

Warranties can now be extended annually and include a care package, which includes common wear items like batteries, lenses, velcro, and chinstraps. Existing systems under previous support contracts can be grandfathered into the Warranty program. See the new warranty language here.

Faceware has also adjusted its academic pricing, which now starts at $50 for some software licenses, as well as $2,500 for complete turnkey systems (hardware and software) for academic customers, including support for the first year.

Busch said this price point will alow Faceware to be "like a textbook that goes along with the class." 

Users can also customize their software and and entry-level camera systems directly from the Faceware website store. Users can get their licenses the same day.

The compaby is also offering volume discount pricing for custom facial capture systems. This is an entirely new custom system builder is launching on the Faceware website, offering volume discounts of up to 35% on all of the camera systems and software licenses. Customers can find the new system builder here and build a system today.

Customers who want to work with Faceware’s new facial operator software package, Shepherd, can purchase the software for $499 per year. Announced last October, the software is now in open beta.

Faceware Analyzer and Retargeter Update

In addition to all of the new pricing, both Faceware Analyzer and Retargeter have been updated. The latest releases of Analyzer 3.8 and Retargeter 5.8 now integrate almost 2 years of research and development utilizing Deep Learning Techniques. Leveraging a proprietary data set of specific facial capture images, this new research annotated and used a targeted subset of synthesized data of nearly 3 million images to re-build from the ground-up the animation of the jaw. This new technology poses no changes to the workflow and is deployed through Retargeter’s AutoSolve feature, giving users an even better starting point from which to start animating a facial performance. https://vimeo.com/327464410

Details on the pricing updates can be found on Faceware’s new pricing pages for SOFTWARE and CAMERAS.

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