Imperium Omni extends Kickstarter campaign, adds exclusive rewards

Feb 25, 2019 at 10:00 am by Submitted

Imperium Omni

The creators of kickstarter video game "Imperium Omni" have experienced so much success that they have increased their fundraising target by 50 percent, according to a press release.

Just one day into funding calls, Storytellers Entertainment hit their basic target goal of $25k, thanks to the massive number of exclusive rewards offered to kickstarter supporters.

Unlike most similar video game campaigns which offer just a handful exclusive rewards, Imperium Omni offers up to 13 such rewards, only available to kickstarter backers.  The rewards vary depending on how much backers are willing to pledge. Players can put anything forward from an ore mine to an exclusive house, castle or a trade-route 

The one of a kind game also offers two very special rewards: an in-game tavern and a porter pass to anywhere. This teleportation portal pass is a ticket to go to any other teleport station available in the game. With a value of up to 50,000 gold sovereigns, it would take regular players a lengthy time to access it.

The in-game tavern welcomes people of different professions who can become sources of goodwill, information and possibly long-term relationships.

Imperium Omni is a fantasy retro game that has been backed by 540 gaming fanatics to date. With 6 days to go, the game has received over $32,000 in funding. The target goal has now been extended to $50,000. 

Imperium Omni creators Matt and Bill combine more than 50 years in game designing, animation and special effects experience in Hollywood and the US. In 1987, Bill invented an “E.T.” stroller costume for Steven Spielberg and Universal Studios as they wanted to open their Florida Theme Park.

Anyone who wishes to support the Imperium Omni crowdfunding campaign on can do so by clicking here. The novel Imperium Omni: Captain’s Edition is available on Amazon here.

About Imperium Omni

Imperium Omni is the Empress’ motto meaning ‘To Rule All’ and yet, it is in a language “that has been dead for hundreds of thousands of years”. That means that the game actually takes place in the very distant future. The game and novel follow the characters of Shadow and Fara, explorers who live in the vast fantasy world of Aeris Pri. The player’s long term goal is to move all the way from the lowest ranked player to eventually be crowned Emperor or Empress of the world. The game is broken into four editions and four corresponding books: part one is the Captain’s Edition, part two is the General’s Edition, part three is the King/Queen Edition and the final part is the Emperor/Empress Edition.

About Storytellers Entertainment

The team behind Storytellers Entertainment includes an array of industry experts including an award-winning 3D Digital Artist, a computer language designer with notable patents in use by the US Department of Defense and a 25 year veteran in marketing and sales, directing high profile marketing activities for top-ranked fortune 500 companies.

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