Promethias: Animation Winner of the 2019 Holiday Contest

Feb 18, 2019 at 09:28 am by 3DFineries

Renderosity's 2019 Holiday Contest

Every contest brings out the best multi-talented artists in our community. Promethias, this year’s winner of the Animation division, is one such artist.

This writer was in awe of Promethias’ talents, and I was ecstatic to write this interview. From the models to the musical score, Promethias’ entry blew the minds of the community with his fantastic animation of a dancing robot.

The fluid movements of the robot in time with the music (that Promethias wrote!) made this outstanding entry one of the best I’ve seen in years.


You said in your description it took 10 days to animate your entry. On average, how many hours a day did you work on it?

Promethias: I worked on it 1-2 hours a night.

How long have you been animating in iClone? Is your preferred animation tool and why?

Promethias: I have been using iClone for 3 years. It is my preferred because of its ease of use. I’ve used Vue in the past, but the long render times and crashes made it not as fun to work with. iClone is stable and fast.

Did you have to composite the pieces together in a different animation program? If so, what program did you use?

Promethias: I made the movie into seven scenes. I would render a scene and then compose the scenes inside of Cyberlink Power Director 14 Ultra.

What inspired you to use the knight as your ghost of Christmas Past?

Promethias: Over the years, I made a few characters. I had just finished the knight and thought he would be a perfect Ghost Character. I wanted to use one of my own models for the ghost and most of my other characters were more Sci-Fi models and didn’t fit in a Christmas theme.

You said a lot of the models were your own creation. This can be time-consuming and yet you accomplished a high level of details using ZBrush & Substance Painter. Did you have the models already designed or did you also design them all specifically for the contest? If designed for the contest, how long did they take to create?

Promethias: I’ve been building models for about seven years. Animation and 3D art are my hobbies and when I started, my models where not as good. But the bases where great starting points. So, I re-purposed a lot of my old models into the scene for the animation including the fireplace, paintings, and the Christmas decorations. Actually, one of the pictures was a photo I took and another was a drawing I did.

Did you time the animation to the music or did you time the music to the animation? How difficult was it to accomplish that part?

Promethias: I timed my animation and wrote my song around it. The song was actually written a while ago and recorded by me. I am a full-time musician so that part was the easiest.

You said you’re a full-time musician and wrote the music yourself. Wow, how cool is that? Kudos for being so talented! Please share with us how you did it?

I wrote it all on my Mx61 Yamaha Keyboard using the flute, pads, and pianos. I recorded it in a program called Sonar 3. I play mainly cover songs, but I write songs for local plays and have written for Commercials. (None have sold yet but I have submitted some.) When writing a song, I try to capture the mood and start by writing a chord progression that suits the idea I’m working on. I started Christmas Fairies with the Electric Piano and then added from there. It was a lot of fun writing,

How did you feel when the winners were announced?

Promethias: I was very excited to hear that I had won. I have entered a few times, but it has been a few years since I had last entered.

You’ve been a member since 2010, have you participated in our contests before?

Promethias: I’ve entered into three of Renderosity’s animation contests. My first time entering was in 2012 and I won third place. I entered two contests in 2013 and won second and first place. This is the first one I’ve entered since then, but I’ve been working on my artwork over the last few years.

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