KittyKitty12 Photography Winner of the Ghost of Christmas Past Contest

Feb 07, 2019 at 11:00 am by 3DFineries

Christmas Deer by KittyKitty12

Stories of spirits and deities taking deer form are rooted deep in many mythologies including Santa’s beloved reindeer who pull his sleigh around the world to magically deliver presents to children world-wide.

They naturally evoke images of Christmas Past so it’s no wonder KittyKitty12’s photograph won the photography division of this year’s Ghosts of Christmas Past Holiday contest. She snapped up the winning picture at the Celtic Holiday celebration at the annual Renaissance Fair.

We asked KittyKitty12 to tell us a little more about her winning image, and although shy, she was more than happy to share.

I love Renaissance Festivals during the holidays. Do you go ever year or was it happenstance that your trip ended up being during the Celtic holiday?

KittyKitty12: I started going to the Texas Renaissance Festival in 2010. My first theme was the “1001 Dreams”. Ever since then I have tried going every year. I love it out there and wanted to be able to go to every theme but until last year the Celtic Christmas one seems to have always been out of the question. Everyone I usually go with always had to work that weekend.

The photograph you took is adorable and festive. What was going through your mind when you snapped the picture that ended up being our winning entry?

KittyKitty12: My exact words to my aunt were “Aww, look at those two deer by the Christmas tree I got to take a picture of this.” When you have a beautiful tree and cute deer what more can one ask for?

You mentioned how every Christmas in your childhood there were deer incorporated into the decorations. Who do you feel had the most influence on you & your love of deer?

KittyKitty12: My mom always seems to know what I like. She gave me my first plush deer when I was very young and has always been the one to either get a new deer object or make sure I knew what they had, so I could pick the one that was wanted.

How did you feel when the winners were announced?

KittyKitty12: Surprised is probably an understatement. There’s no doubt it took me off guard last year before my grandma passed away, she kept saying I was a really good graphics designer. To be honest, I didn’t feel like I was but I wanted to do the best I could in what was possible with my talents in hopes in living up to what she said. That was my thinking process, and I am honored to have been chosen

You’ve been a member since 2006, have you participated in our contests before?

KittyKitty12: I entered at least one before, but I don’t remember which one.

How long have you loved photography and who or what inspired your love of photography?

KittyKitty12: I started photography in 2010 when I had gone to the renaissance festival for the first time. Being somewhere I had never been required that I bring a camera so could remember the things I’ve seen. Now I take the camera almost everywhere that's far or to places I haven't visited in a while as one never knows what you might see that you want to capture forever.

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