Unity announces winners in 2D Challenge contest

Jan 23, 2019 at 01:00 pm by Submitted

Unity 2D Challenge

Unity received 212 awesome submissions that underlined the creativity, passion, and excitement among game developers across our 2D community and around the world.

The entries that were produced some great art while helping optimize the new 2D tools Unity is building for your future projects, and using the tools in real development scenarios is the best way to make sure they’ll work the way they are supposed to.  

2D always presents unique challenges and opportunities — and the entries hit an incredibly high bar, making clever use of many Unity 2D tools (see below for a list) in a very short time frame. 

And the winners are …

Six judges reviewed and scored each project based on its “wow” factor, use of the new 2D tools listed below, project documentation, and overall creativity.

The winners are:

  1. A Matter Of Light, Angry Squirrels ($2000)
  2. Ultimate Action Hero, Jaroslaw ($1000)
  3. Deep Sea Colony, Magdalena & Marcin ($500)

Rounding out the top-10 finalists are: Onion Jam, Darkrun, LensScape, Kamé and the Guardians, Tess, Cosmic, and Llamakaria.

In addition to the major awards, we gave a special $500 prize to LensScape for the best tool created with the new 2D tool APIs. The winner showed us an innovative way to extend 2D tool functionality by making SpriteShape the core of the gameplay.

Unique craftsmanship

One of our judges, Pixel Reign’s Angelos Gkamiliaris, noted, “It is amazing to see such a variety of unique ideas combined with such craftsmanship in development. We were inspired to see how different each approach was and how creatively each participant spent their time while making their game. Well done! We really hope to see some finished games from you.”

And many thanks to all the 2D Challenge judges: Kenney Vleugels (Kenney/Pixeland), Angelos Gkamiliaris and Nick Larin (Pixel Reign), Ciro Continisio and Andy Touch (Unity evangelists), Rus Scammell (Unity 2D product manager), and Peter Lee (Unity art director).

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