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We covered over 100 tech stories in 2018. Everything from software reviews, press releases, application updates and staff projects. In this article, we’ve chosen our top stories for 2018.

We’d also like to thank you for spending time at Renderosity Magazine and for trusting us with your computer graphics news.

Lenovo introduces 2018 Lineup
This story came early in 2018 and Lenovo has lived up to their promises. Their additions to the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop series X, T and L portfolio were simply awesome.

HOUDINI INDIE: 4K Render Resolution and a Supplementary License

Companies talk about how well they respond to their user base, but not many actually do anything. SideFX listened and then gave users what they wanted: for their hugely successful Houdini Indie they increased the render resolution and provided a supplementary license so users can install the application on a second computer. Bravo, SideFX!

Autodesk 3ds Max 2019 Announced!
Autodesk took seriously their goal to bring the aging 3ds Max into the modern day world of VFX, game development and VR. They’ve also updated the 3ds Max twice this year since its initial release. Autodesk is making 3ds Max a player again!

ZBrush 2018 is here
ZBrush is a favorite application among pros and hobbyists alike. This 2018 update was like a very early Christmas present to their users. There were many new additions to this awesome program in 2018.

12 Weeks with Unity Series by gToon
It’s one thing to review a program, it’s another to spend every day over a three month period learning and discovering. gToon’s series “12 Weeks with Unity” really shows what an amazing program Unity is. There is a reason so many indie gamers create with Unity.

The Art of Science Fiction Book Covers
Nerdwriter’s essay video on the history of sci-fi book covers was our favorite video posted at Renderosity Magazine in 2018. It not only shared a fascinating design history, but the video showed how YouTube can be more than just cat videos and pop fandom. Thanks, Nerdwriter.

How AI can head off brain damage
Artificial Intelligence was a major theme in our reporting in 2018. The one that really made us think was on, a company that makes brain-scanning a true science. Where radiologists had to guess at times, AI in brain scans can make the difference between life and death.

Maxon announces Cinema 4D R20
There were many great applications updated in 2018, but none were more impressive than Cinema 4D R20. This was Maxon’s most significant update in years. This company’s development team is second to none.

Wacom celebrates 35 years
This is the company that built the first battery-free pressure sensitive tablet in 1984. Today, they are the defacto king of drawing tablets and are still innovating. Congratulations, Wacom!

Reallusion releases Character Creator 3
Reallusion has really put the metal to the pedal with the 2018 release of Character Creator 3. Remeshing, levels of detail (LOD) for the game engine minded, GoZ for ZBrush users plus the Iray render engine makes CC3 hugely important especially for Renderosity artists and vendors.

Blender Foundation Releases Blender 2.8 Beta
While Cinema 4D R20 was impressive, Blenders long-awaited release of 2.8 Beta is significant because it brings this amazing open-source (and free) 3D application into the mainstream. Through the efforts of the huge Blender community, Blender 2.8 is now playing with the big boys. We are so much looking forward to the future of Blender as more and more professionals start using this wonderful application.

That’s it for our informal wrap-up of favorite tech stores for 2018 here at Renderosity Magazine. Of course, we have more we wanted to add, but we wanted to make our article brief so you can get to celebrating the new year!

Happy 2019, everyone!

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